1. Do you think nurses should return to wearing all white uniforms?

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:nurse: Do you think nurses should return to wearing all white uniforms?

micro, RN

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I for one, of course as you all know by now, micro is not domestic is anyway shape or form.........

just think that at least hospitals should just provide scrubs for all

I would love to walk in in jeans and my favorite shirt(even if it meant coming in a half hour early) and change into scrubs.........

uniform allowance...........no, micro wants uniforms period.........

I WILL DO THE JOB.....you provide the uniform.............no matter where.........

are there places out there, I am lookin'


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I will NEVER wear a white uniform. Do you people have any idea how messy L&D can be? I was squirted with cord blood just last night and have had to get into the shower to pull out moms before. Can you picture that in a white uniform? It would look like a wet t-shirt contest....Real professional....


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I work in ICU and our Head Nurse doesn't like us to wear white. I think white looks professional and wear it some days. Hats are too impractical.


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I wear scrubs, either provided by myself or by my unit. What really gets to me is to see that some of the housekeeping personnel in my area are now wearing the same (hospital provided) scrubs that I wear.

Housekeeping does have a uniform (med blue), but no one seems to be enforcing it. The people in the gift shop wear scrubs, the coffee bar staff wear scrubs. It seems to be never ending.

It used to be that an RN wore a white uniform, white hose, white shoes. Also the cap and black band. LPNs wore white uniforms but colored hose and shoes. Then they went to the full white as well. They also went to wearing white caps with bands. Then NAs went full white. Some NAs also wear white caps.

Outside of the name tags, you couldn't tell the players apart by what they wore. So, what's the sense?

I wear a honker of a huge pin from my union (BCNU-$5) that is gold colored with a large blue RN on it. I stopped wearing my school pin years ago - too expensive to replace if lost.

I'm in agreement with Fergus51. White gets grungy, etc, and since you're not supposed to bleach it, your white uniform gets grey. Also, who wants to shell out the big $$ for something which is not terribly practical in the long run.

Yes, white uniforms evoke a sense of nostalgia for people, usually patients. Of a "sweet little girl", who rustled when she walked (those bloody tafetta slips), gave backrubs and straightened beds, and, more importantly, "did as she was told" and "walked 2 steps behind God (MD)". And at the very least, after a full 8 hour night shift, got up and gave her chair to the just-out-of-bed doctor. All that and girdles/garterbelts too.

No thanks. I spent 4 years of my life wearing a USAF uniform, 2 of those years wearing 1505s (green khaki) or camis. There wasn't a single injured GI that mistook what I did for a living. All that mattered as far as "job id" went was the collar dogs (and the "railroad tracks" - both silver and, later, gold) that I wore.

Norbert Holz

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As long as we are at it - why don't we have MD's wear uniforms too! I believe lime green tuxedos would be very nice.

They would clearly be identified as MD's. (I mean, who else would wear a lime green tuxedo?) There would be no mistaking those MD's for housekeeping, Nurses, CNA's or anyone else who could be around. Nurses and others would be forbidden to wear lime green tuxedo's.

Even out of the hospital they could be seen and set apart from the other mere mortals.

I know just how that woulld go over with the Md's. I believe it would be just about like it would and should be asking RN's to wear all white or any other unifrom for that matter.


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I think that all medical staff should wear something that clearly shows there position...

This way patients won't be telling a member of the cleaning staff that the pain level has gone up or asking a nurse to please clean up this or that and looking for the diagnosis of a broken leg to a cardiovascular tech.

But I do agree that white is impractical and not worth the time and effort to keep clean. I'm glad that the hats are gone... they are cute in grad photos and that just about does it...


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I agree with micro that the hospitals should provide scrubs for the bedside nursing staff. I work med/surg and that unit can get messy also! I have been involved in a couple of GI bleeds that left me looking like I had been assualted by a Heinz Ketchup bottle!! Plus, I would think that from an infection control standpoint it would be better for all involved.


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Seeing as there have been shifts where I have had to change my uniform, not just once, perhaps twice, white is definately out of the question. As for a uniform allowance, we cannot even get our hospital to supply us with the cheap plastic "coats" if you will for when traumas come in the the ER...


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Voted no on the whites. I don't think they are attractive or flattering at all, and I think they tend to look cold and sterile.

Our hospital will be changing over to a new, mandatory color coded system of uniforms, no allowance given. We don't even know what the colors will be yet! But we'll be color coded according to liscense (or lack there of).


nursedawn67, LPN

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Whites are too hard to clean...

Colored and print scrubs seem to brighten the patient/residents days. I am sure to wear my name tag and Identify myself upon entering the room so there is no confusion.


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Heather, does that mean you will have to wear only solid shades of a particular color, or can you have printed scrubs with your specified color in it? Say you were to have baby blue scrubs...does that mean solid pants and printed top with baby blue? Color coding wouldn't be *too* bad as long as it wasn't all solid.

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