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you guys really need to chill out and not take things so seriously really. anywho. this was an experiment for my thesis on Nursing unions and strength in numbers. my theory is based in two parts rounded up by the theory that US Nurses are a stronger group hence why they are paid more, more respected etc and UK Nurses are weak etc thats why they get paid less.

Thanks anyway. i appear to have gotten a first (an A) for a well written and insightful if not unusual study, which will go towards what is my second PhD.

Is it just me, or is anyone else a bit hopeful that someone from Allnurses.com made it perfectly clear that they will not be the platform for unethical "studies?" Clearly here, informed consent did not take place, as well as a whole other slew of violations of the Belmont Report, the Nuremburg Code, etc as outlined for ethical research.

Although I'm confused why a doctoral candidate would be working on a thesis rather than a dissertation, but anyway.

I would HOPE that rather than pointing the finger at bonafide Allnurses members for biting back at what turned out to obviously be a thread meant to provoke, that they would take a hard look at the post above and make sure this doesn't happen again.

If this very serious issue has already been addressed, I think we'd like to be reassured that we are in fact, safe here, and that this type of unethical practice has been deterred.

Thank you.

I must have totally missed that thread (or stopped reading it) - which one was it? Can you post it or pm me with it?

With that said, if what I think happened did happen - then that person's university should be notified immediately. You can't perform REAL research on a forum like this - who knows who we really are, are we really even nurses, etc. What kinda control would you have?? :rolleyes: And this was for a 2nd PhD???? Right. And without informed consent that is so unethical. Even if it didn't "hurt" anyone, it shows the real possibility that this individual will do it again in the real world. Maybe just a little cover-up for the review board (but even that can have deadly consequences.)

Someone did research here, and didn't inform the subjects? Incredible! Unethical beyond the pale. No sarcasm, this person needs to be reported to the board of the institution that gave him/her the "first" immediately. The degree should be denied, or revoked if already denied.

Where did this happen Susy, in what thread?


Originally posted by kmchugh

Where did this happen Susy, in what thread?

I believe it was closed because us allnurses got a little too rough with said unethical poster. We gotta watch ourselves, you know.


Ok... here's the thread (I apparently stopped reading after the first few posts)


Can we NOT say anything negative in any thread lest it be CLOSED??? WTF?

Gone are the days of fun, intense disagreement?

The reins are too tight these days.

I didn't see anything in that thread, along with others that have been closed lately, that warrant its closing.

If anyone complains about any thread....will it be closed?

.....so, in theory....if you can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time, would that mean....... in time, all threads would be closed and there would be no Allnurses? Get my point?

(old lady voice): "Back in the day, we could actually give our opinion. Young wipper snapper's these days, well, they just don't have it so good.":D

Anyhoo, Susy, I wouldn't worry about this so-called Jay-Z PhD. I think the only way this person could achieve such honor is by pulling it out of a Cracker Jacks box. He/She doesn't appear to be professional in the least. I think he/she is just pulling your cyber leg....so to speak.:rolleyes:

I did enjoy seeing you come back out of yer shell, though.;)


Given that I agree with all the above... when I was reading the infamous thread and saw that particualr post, I was just confused... I don't see how anything from that thread could have helped with any kind of thesis about US being stronger than UK nurses??? Maybe it's just me... I dunno... but it seemed a little far fetched.

It's like a car wreck ... I .... just.... can't ..... stop........ reading.


Must be a PhD in BS. :rolleyes:

Hey theres no need to be mean.

and its a thesis because its going in a book of studies, lady. Dissertations u submit for open marking. they're very long essays! my thesis is for a book of psychological studies. thats why its a thesis.


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I'd love to report this to the poster's IRB that approved his "research" to begin with.

Buh-bye Ph.D.

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Originally posted by Jay-Z

Hey theres no need to be mean.

and its a thesis because its going in a book of studies, lady. Dissertations u submit for open marking. they're very long essays! my thesis is for a book of psychological studies. thats why its a thesis.


I would think, at the Ph.D level, you would have moved beyond phemenological investigative "theses" and take it a bit further into actually developing a tool and testing it in a dissertation.

'Course, you would know that being a post-doc and all....:rolleyes:

And since we were your "subjects" we're entitled to copies of the consent we "signed" as well as phone numbers and institutional IRB/Human Research Review Committee phone numbers. Care to share?

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