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UNC Rex 2017 New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

Hello! Just wondering if anyone heard back for UNC Rex New Grad RN program starting in July2017 yet? I applied the first day it open (January 2017). So far, all my applications have ben forwarded to the hiring manager. One states that the hiring manager is reviewing it.

Thanks! :D

I have applied for the New Grad Program at Rex also. I applied to both the Med Surg and Women's/Childrens positions, both of them still say forwarded to manager. I applied on the first of January, but have heard nothing and had no replies. I worked at Rex over the summer through their staffing response team and floated to different units. Its a great place to work so I hope that gives me a leg up with my application.

WookieeRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in PACU.

I applied to UNC Rex as well, but haven't seen anything past "Application Received." Hope I see some movement soon. I've already received interview requests from Duke Regional and Duke Raleigh, but would rather end up in the UNC system,

Hi all, I applied to Rex as well for a few of their programs and have an interviewed scheduled with ICU. I applied on the 3rd and heard about an interview on the 13th; my other applications with them I've heard nothing from. Good luck to all:)

Hello all! I applied to Rex and so far my application for Med-Surg says "Forwarded to Manager." I applied on the 17th. Good luck everyone!

I applied to the new grad position in the ICU. I had my interview on Friday and waiting to hear back! Also applied to the main UNC hospital but I haven't heard anything back from them yet!

If you don't mind sharing, when did you apply and when did you hear back from them for an interview?

I applied probably around the second week of January and heard back on the 18th about setting up an interview. And my interview was on the 27th.

Awesome! Fingers crossed!

Hey have you already interviewed for the ICU? If so, have you heard anything back yet?

I applied/interviewed to the MSICU and they said they will have a decision made by yesterday... haven't heard anything yet.

I interviewed for the MSICU as well. And I haven't heard anything. When did you interview?

They made the decisions for the ICU positions! Did you hear anything?

Nope.. guess that answers my question. Congrats!

Did either of you apply to the women & children's or medical surgical floor?

I applied to UNC as well and also said I was interested in anything other than Psych/Pulmonary. I also said I would be interested in Hillsborough Hospital. Will that help me? I'm from out of state.

How did you find out? Did they call you?

No, Just ICU and cancer center


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