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WookieeRN has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PACU.

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  1. WookieeRN

    Penn Medicine Hiring Process

    Did you do your references yet? That was the longest part of my hire process because it was taking my references FOREVER to respond. I interviewed in early September then got an offer late October.
  2. WookieeRN

    Duke New Grad Nurse Residency Spring 2019

    Royal blue is the color nurses wear at Duke.
  3. WookieeRN

    RN New Grad Salary at Duke or UNC

    When I started at Duke in 2017, new grad starting rate was 23.85. I'm not sure about UNC. I'm a Watts Alumna, good luck in the program!
  4. Just looking for some insight into the market in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas as I have been out of the loop for about 4 years now. Previously, I lived in Philly for most of my life. We are looking into possibly moving back home to PA from NC and I'm trying to do my due diligence now as my partner has received a pretty decent job offer with his old employer. I am a diploma RN currently 6 classes away from my BSN (due to graduate in August 2019). Is the area still pretty BSN driven? I currently work for a Magnet Level 1 Trauma Center in North Carolina looking for PACU or ICU positions with about 2 years of experience. I'm looking at working at a hospital of similar caliber in Philly. I am in the process of obtaining my PA license and it's my understanding that I shouldn't even think about applying until I have that license. Will no BSN hold me back for the time being?
  5. WookieeRN

    UNC Chapel Hill 2017 New Grad Program

    I enjoy Duke. I really like my unit (PACU) and the schedule and benefits are awesome. I work in one of the very few units with no rotating schedule of days/nights and I don't work weekends.
  6. WookieeRN

    Watts School of Nursing - June 2017

    Hours depend on the semester you are in, but you are in clinical or class Monday-Thursday. Most Fridays there are no classes.
  7. WookieeRN

    UNC Chapel Hill 2017 New Grad Program

    UNC literally takes forever and a day to go through their application process. I applied in January 2017 and got an offer to interview after I had already started a job at Duke in July.
  8. WookieeRN

    Watts school of nursing - spring 2018

    There is no cut-off date for Watts. They accept as they fill cohorts. I think the cap is 50/cohort.
  9. WookieeRN

    2017 Duke New Grad Program

    I work in the PACU. I'm enjoying it a lot!
  10. WookieeRN

    2017 Duke New Grad Program

    Depends on the unit. I went straight to 3 12s after the first week of general orientation, but I know some other units did like 8-5 M-F.
  11. WookieeRN

    2017 Duke New Grad Program

    I've been told that to park in PG2 for night shift you have to get a special pass, unfortunately. I call the van service after my shifts so I really use the bus at night. I've used it in the AM when weather is less than perfect and it's pretty reliable.
  12. WookieeRN

    2017 Duke New Grad Program

    I lived in MA before college. Originally from PA but NC is a nice change of pace for some New Englanders. My mother loves it (mostly because of the weather and she HATES New England winters.)
  13. WookieeRN

    2017 Duke New Grad Program

    The only parking available right now is Hock (I think it's $105/mo) and Parking Garage 3 ($87/mo).
  14. WookieeRN

    Watts school of Nursing

    The math section on the HESI isn't anything to worry about. They provide a calculator, so I really would just focus on refreshing on conversions and fractions. Those were the 2 things it had been a while for me, so I needed to study them. I enjoyed my time at Watts. It's very difficult, but I didn't have to worry about passing the NCLEX because they prepared me so well. I also basically hit the floor running when I started my first job. Watts grads have a really good reputation in the Duke health system, which can be a good and bad thing. Everyone is always watching (and will report back) BUT it also really helps you get your foot in the door.
  15. WookieeRN

    Got an offer letter, now nothing...

    I got my job offer March 13th, didn't have an official offer until March 29th. I didn't hear anything until I got a call May 15th to attend a post-offer health assessment and physical test at the end of June. I wouldn't sweat it too much. HR departments usually run pretty slow because they aren't just dealing with your on-boarding, but everyone else's too.
  16. WookieeRN

    New Grad BSN

    New grads in the Duke health system start at $23.16/hr + differential. They started hiring in February for positions to start in July.

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