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WookieeRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in PACU.

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  1. This is the new reality of healthcare. It would be ridiculous to go back to the recruiter and ask to go to an area without COVID patients. I am severely immunocompromised and have no choice in the matter at my hospital. They only relocate pregnant wo...
  2. WookieeRN

    Philadelphia Hiring Freeze

    I assume you have a BSN? Philly hospitals typically only look at those with a BSN. Cities like Philadelphia can be pretty tough for new grads considering how many nursing schools we have churning out new nurses. I received no bites on my resume when...
  3. WookieeRN

    PA Board of Nursing Temporary Practice Permit

    Pre-COVID it took me about 4+ months to get my full PA license via endorsement (I applied in July and received it at the end of November after numerous phone calls). My mother just applied for endorsement to PA from MA and it took just as long, if no...
  4. WookieeRN

    Should I quit now?

    I work in a safety net level 1 trauma center in a urban city and I am treated amazingly by our nursing administration. Patients also behave just the same as when I worked at a level 1 in a nicer area so I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say th...
  5. WookieeRN

    New LPN to RN

    I would always recommend a nurse residency for a new nurse. It can help you leaps and bounds with developing your skills and critical thinking.
  6. WookieeRN

    Can the Government force us back to work?

    I mean, there is the Health Care Personnel Delivery System (HCPDS) that acts as a draft for medical personnel but it’s only been around since like 1989. I also as far as I know it has ever been used, nor would it in this situation.
  7. WookieeRN

    Career advice for aspiring nurse educator

    It says she is pursuing a degree in nursing leadership and education, which covers that content.
  8. WookieeRN

    A Question About Schedules

    I work in the PACU setting at a Level 1 trauma center in a large city. I work 10 hour shifts x 4 days. Off nights, weekends, and holidays. We do call but there are people that pretty much take it all. I enjoy it.
  9. WookieeRN

    Endorsement to PA from NJ- ugh.

    I had a nightmare of an experience with the PABON trying to endorse my license from NC. It took me MONTHS to get the situation resolved, and my school transcripts were the issue as well. I had to make a call while on vacation in the Caribbean 5 days ...
  10. WookieeRN

    Is the PACU floor a good start for a new RN grad?

    I started as a new grad in the PACU at a large very busy Level 1 trauma center. I’ve never worked in any other specialty, nor as a CNA in the past either. I’ve seen new grads thrive and new grads crash and burn in the PACU setting. I don’t think it’s...
  11. WookieeRN

    Residency/ training

    You probably have to check back periodically. I haven’t seen many residency programs that have revolving postings. When I applied for residency it was posted 5 months before I graduated.
  12. WookieeRN

    Residency/ training

    Some employers will offer relocation assistance. It was $3000 for my residency program. I’ve never heard of one offering free or low cost housing.
  13. WookieeRN

    Duke New Grad Nurse Residency Spring 2019

    Royal blue is the color nurses wear at Duke.
  14. WookieeRN

    RN New Grad Salary at Duke or UNC

    When I started at Duke in 2017, new grad starting rate was 23.85. I'm not sure about UNC. I'm a Watts Alumna, good luck in the program!
  15. Just looking for some insight into the market in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas as I have been out of the loop for about 4 years now. Previously, I lived in Philly for most of my life. We are looking into possibly moving back home to PA from ...
  16. WookieeRN

    Watts Schedule Question

    Short answer (from a Watts grad): the fastest this program can be completed is 2.5 years (1 semester of UMO, 4 semester of the nursing portion). The whole 18 credits can potentially be done entire online if you have all the prerequisite requireme...