UNC ABSN Spring 2019



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Hello, I'll be applying this year for spring 2019. I've already started on my nursing cas application. Just waiting to here back from the school about my transcript evaluation form.

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Yea, I'm waiting for their transcript evaluation as well. Good luck AliseZ, maybe we'll be future classmates.


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I'm also applying for Spring 2019 and am currently working on my application. Good luck!


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Hello! I'm also applying for Spring 2019. Good luck to you all!


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I also plan to apply


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I'm also applying! I'm a little late to the game- hoping to submit the NursingCAS application by this weekend. Has anyone completed the supplemental application? I was just wondering if it's pretty standard or if there are any essay questions involved? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


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I am also applying for Spring 2019. I submitted my nursingcas application today! I decided to apply last minute. Can anyone tell me how long it took to receive the supplemental application from the time you submitted nursingcas? Good Luck everyone!


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It takes about 1 day before you get access to supplemental application. Also there is no essay. I recently applied as well. Good luck to you and everyone else.




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Yeah it's nothing too bad just the application fee. You're just filling out basic information over, parents information, if they were in the service, residency information. I submitted mine I believe 2 weeks ago.


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Hey everyone! I have also applied to the 2019 ABSN program. Just wanted to wish everyone good luck :)


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Hi everyone! I also applied for the spring 2019 cohort. Does anyone know when we will hear back by? =)