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  1. Istoriaphile

    Resume or CV

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I could not find an answer to this specific question. As a new grad with lots of other experience, should I use my 1 page resume or my almost 3 page CV when a job application asks for my resume?
  2. Istoriaphile

    UNC ABSN Spring 2019

    Thanks for bumping this thread @ladybugs06. I am 36 years old so i am in the same boat as you. The wait is killing me. Anybody going to the information session at the beginning of October?
  3. Istoriaphile

    Online self-paced Physiology lab

    Can anyone recommend an online self-paced Physiology lab or physiology course?
  4. Istoriaphile

    UNC ABSN Spring 2019

    Yea, I'm waiting for their transcript evaluation as well. Good luck AliseZ, maybe we'll be future classmates.
  5. Istoriaphile

    UNC ABSN Spring 2019

    I figured I would start this thread for anyone else who is applying to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. Good luck everyone!

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