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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a list of what types of jobs a RN can have, verses someone who has a BSN or MSN. What are some job options for each degree?

People who hold BSN or MSN degrees normally get RN licenses and RN jobs.

So is it not worth the extra 2-4 years? I'm considering getting a masters to be a CRNA.

Its worth it if you want to be specialized in a certain area. Need masters to get to CRNA if thats what you really want. If its for the money there are no jobs. with the nursing excess right now if thats how you are choosing the profession probably not a good choice.

I definitely wat to specialize, and it really isn't for the money. I'd rather enjoy my job and get paid decently than hate it and get paid a lot. If there aren't jobs for crnas, what are my other options that I do with a bachelors or masters?

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I'm guessing that you have not yet started or are not very far along in your nursing education. Any advice that is accurate for today's economy most likely will have changed drastically by the time that you graduate (or at least we hope it will).

Even demand for specialties waxes and wanes. Best advice for a good economic outcome and a decent demand for your services? Specialize in geriatrics/senior health with whatever degree you choose to seek.

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At your age OP I'd be more concerned about getting outstanding grades in college. These are required to get into the majority of nursing programs whether ADN or BSN.

Get your CNA license and get a job, then you'll really know if nursing is for you.

I have my CNA license and am already accepted into an ADN nursing program starting next fall. I am enrolled in prerequisite classes and am getting good grades, so far.

It seems that no one has answered my question here,.. :confused: I am just looking for a simple list of what types of jobs an RN, BSN, and MSN can get me. RN: floor nurse, MSN: crna,.. What else? I just need more ideas, and I know there are tons of options.

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ADN/BSN nurses will get the same jobs.

MSN is a lot of different things - from management to crna to education, research, nurse pracititioners, forensics, informatics...

Non Mastered Prepared RN's can do an unlimited list of things. ER, ICU, Med Surg, Home Health, Hospice, Flight Nursing, Military Nursing, Camp Nursing, Travel Nursing, Tele, Step Down, Psych, Outpatient clinics, Out patient surgeries, In patient surgeries, OR, PreOp, PostOp, School Nursing, Outreach, Urgent Care, Doctors Offices, Rehab, Long Term Care.... etc...etc....

They are all RNs. Mastered prepared nurses are still RNs, they also hold licenses in other specialties or have a higher degree of education. BSN/ADN nurses hold the same jobs. To continue on into a masters program, you will need a BSN *or* get into a RN-MSN bridge program.

Don't get too ahead of yourself. Work on your pre-requ's, get into nursing school, do well in nursing school and you will have a much better idea of what you really want to do after you go through all of your clinical experiences and an even better idea of what to do after you have works as a nurse for a while. Remember, even if you want to eventually go on to a CRNA or an NP role, you will need *at least* a year or two of bedside nursing first and a CRNA program will require ICU, critical care experience to even be looked at for the programs.

Thanks so much, I appreciate it! This is just what I was looking for!

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I am planning to get ADN to BSN to MSN bridge program ,but I can't decide what area of MSN degree is more on demand .The only thing I do know ,that I do not want to go to bed site nursing(clinical) field.Is there any suggestion to help me out with my choice?Thank you.

I am planning to do the same thing. I want to get my ADN and then bridge to BSN/MSN with a specialty in Midwifery. As for your specialty, is there something that you prefer? I spoke to someone recently and she said that once you do your clinicals, you may find one area more interesting than another. Once you find what area you like, determining the specialty may be easier. Good luck.

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