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types of co-workers/patients to be aware of. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE?


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Statistics Happy Nurse

Shows how superior her intellect is by stating and questioning everything in terms of obscure statistics. "What percentage of people have a spinal headache following a botched epidural?" "What is the most common cause of an unexplained vaginal hemorrhage in a 12 year old? The second most common?" "What percentage of women actually follow the Friedman curve when in labor?"

Oh my.... this one sounds awful !!! :)


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Angel of mercy/god calling higher ups - They always bring god and altruism into every conversation but lack perspective of the real world and everyday life. "Nursing is the work of Jesus - Why then, My dear, Are you asking for a raise?"

Nursing Cheerleaders - They come in and smile and always feel happy about work. Smile and the world smiles with you mentality. They are almost ALWAYS seen behind the desk or in a corner office. When nurses day comes, they tell us to march on and continue the fight.

I live for drugs patients - Seen this alot with sickle cell crisis patients -Usually has a PCA pump, Fentenyl patch, PO Norco and a flurry of sedatives, muscle relaxants, and other cns depresants. Pain level is NEVER below an 8 and they are always in pain no matter what. Let me be HONEST okay - talking on the phone, Ipod, Ipad, TV, laptop and eating left and right is NOT 10/10 pain - Come to the burns unit or the ER and I will gladly show you what pain really is.

Plastic - Usually a female charge nurse with more Botox than Joan Rivers, fake smile, fake clothes, fake everything. Talks nonstop about her marriage to a business executive, her wealth, nice cars, expensive home, beachfront weekend house, and shopping at Louis Vuitton. Tries to make herself seem real important - In reality she is a gold digger and a future victim of domestic abuse


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Hey Bro/Dude I'm not gay, but...- Type of closeted gay patient "str8-acting" comes into the clinic for HIV/STD testing. Dressed up in skater clothes (Volcom, Tapout) and is trying waaay to hard not to check out other guys. Always says he has protected sex with girls but is there cause he lets a guy take care of him and he think he has AIDS. Test results come back and he has HIV - finally confesses to what you already know from the moment you saw him - If it was Christmas morning he likes to recieve presents.


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Keepers - Patient will often be completely shocked that nurses working the night shift DON'T sleep on duty. They also assume that because you are collecting meal trays means that you want some of their food - you can finish it if you want. They also think that you have all the time in the world since all the patients are asleep....you just sit there eating bon bons

Foreign legally blonde - They will use there foreign herritage and launguage to evade work responsibilities. They know perfectly well how to do the work but will often assume the cultural barrier lingo so they can do the least amount of work.

carolmaccas66, BSN, RN

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Ever had the Feng Shui ones come into hospital? They're really fun:

Nursed an older lady who's timid hubby was in the room after her orthopaedic surgery. EVERYTHING had to be in a certain place - furniture, flowers, you name it - for this woman to gain her 'chi' or place in the universe (I don't know much re Feng Shui sorry and don't care). I was moving a table back in it's place, cos it was in the way of the door whilst she was giving orders where to place it EXACTLY, when I said WITHOUT THINKING: ' We haven't got time for this!' Hubby was shocked anybody would talk back to his overbearing wife, and I said something like we are here to see you get better and have as little pain as possible - gave the general nursing duty & patient care spiel.

Then later she had BOTH us nurses in there and was getting the other, younger nurse (who I think was scared of her), to re-arrange furniture - I gave up after she was settled and left the room. That woman was a manipulating, cantankerous old cow IMO.

I felt like saying: you need to attend to the Feng Shui of your body, cos ur waaay overweight and smell REALLY bad. How her hubby could go near her, I have no idea to this day. You culd smell her b4 you could see her. She cared more about moving furniture around than using anti-perspirant!

I have actually seen a ghost. Not so much the manager...

I am just kidding, I have had the privilege to work with some great managers. They don't last long. The old staff that do a crappy job hate them and the administration who are willing to keep the old staff that do a crappy job because God forbid anything ever change hate them. So they have to have a backbone of steel and even then can't seem to last long.

THE 'THANK GOD YOU ARE WORKING WITH ME NURSE': your coworker who is willing to help out, capable, competent, and with any luck has a wicked sense of humor. May be few and far between, but they are the reason I can still come to work. Because they remind me that I truly am part of a healthcare TEAM.

JUST BECAUSE I WENT TO MEDICAL SCHOOL DOES NOT MEAN I AM A HIGHER CLASS CITIZEN THAN NURSES: the doctors I have had the privilege to work with who treat nurses with respect and acknowledge that sometimes the nurse knows best. I even worked with a doctor who told pt's "You should ask the nurse that, as she has more experience with that particular piece of your case than I do". Amazing!!!

So I have some good positive ones to add...

i would love to work with you! just about the only person who has a positive outlook..got to admit that all the negative ones are extremely funny though! :)

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I'm not trying to label EVERYONE, the idea is to give people awareness of the piranhas at work so that we can all keep our dignity and have a better day.

Ignore that one who said "in which category do you see yourself? I thought your list was rather clever. Jealousy!!!

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Deer-in-the-headlights charge nurse-There are a couple of charge nurses who seem like they are way too overwhelmed by the job. In turn, they leave the unit secretary swamped with orders up the wazoo, and if the night shift is short staffed, they have trouble mustering up staff from the PRNs and float pool people. If I have questions about orders, well I can't get any help from them. I like them as nurses, but some nurses are better suited for charge than others.

Nurse who actually has a brain and uses it-Knows her s***. No really, she does. Also questions stuff that doesn't seem right. For example, this nurse was to receive an admit from the ED with a very elevated troponin, pretty severe cardiomegaly seen on the chest X-ray, and early signs of cardiogenic shock. Silent MI, now progressing towards heart failure. This patient was definitely not appropriate for the floor, and she called to ED to ask why the heck this patient was being considered for the floor. In the end, this patient went to the ICU, thanks in part to a nurse who asked the right questions. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Nurse/CNA/unit secretary who saves our butts by coming in on days off-The floor would fall apart without them. But the flip side to that is the manager does not feel the need to hire more people, because the manager has all these work horses who will pull the load.


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The over-glorified RN - delusional "everyone here is stupid... except me." Spends less time actually working and more time trying to find a problem with other peoples work. finds the most condescending way to point out an error.

LOL.. I actually overheard one of these nurses say "So, I guess I have to work from HOME now to make sure things get done around here!"...... I nearly pee'd my pants with that one!

Do they realize how stupid they sound/look????