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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each other.

Have you taken your HESI A2 yet? Have you taken all of your pre-reqs? If not, what do you have left to take?

I have taken all of my pre-reqs, and I just took my HESI yesterday. I didn't think it was bad at all, but I prepared for it for about 3 weeks.

If you haven't noticed, TWU has made some slight changes that I think some people will not be happy with. They are taking into consideration the first grade made at pre-req attempts for several of the classes like A&P, micro, and another class. What do you think of this? I wonder how it will change the applicants chances of getting in?

Good luck and I look forward to meeting you!

Yes, it does. They don't have to be "nursing" shoes. I found a pair of Ryka solid black that I'm going to wear.

I bought dr scholls solid black sneakers from famous footware.

Do the shoes have to be non-slip?

I noticed that about TWU. I think this is their way of weeding out applicants. I guess that the 3 attempts rule in TX before you have to pay nearly triple the cost of a class was not working and they had to find another way to thin out applicants. Plus, TX also has the other new rule of a maximum of 6 dropped classes, or you don't get your degree.

Can someone please tell me the schedule for a J2 student. I am trying to volunteer at MD.Anderson next semester but they need an idea of what my schedule will be like. I know we 2 clinicals...and that is all I know.

Specializes in mother/care taker/student.

TWU Dallas J2 schedule is Adult I-Clinical, Womens Health Clinical, Research, Aging, Groups

Thank you Supersweet but I am in Houston. I should have clarified's been a long day.

houston schedule for junior 2 you will have class on monday(9:00-12:00) and tuesday(8-9:50)(10:00-1:00). aging and research are online. you will have two days of clinical which could be from 8 to 12 hr shifts. First few weeks will be in school for classes and labs. Clinicals will be decided by lottery system but they are from wednesday to saturday so any two days. you will be free on sundays.

Noni-Thank you very much for the info. If that is my schedule maybe I can go after class:rolleyes:. Good luck with all your fianls coming up!

tnsa houston officer voting has begun!!!

please cast your votes! it literally takes about 1 minute once you log into blackboard.

:anpom:m.g. for vice-president:anpom:

Hi!!! Just need to know how much I have to spend on books for the J2 semester. Good luck studying for finals.

I think round about 300 and it depends on condition of books, I mean used or new. Good luck to you as well.

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