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So I have 3 classes left before I apply to the Nursing program...A/P I, II, and Micro. So I am taking A/P I and Micro in the spring and then A/PII in the summer for their 8 week course and the fingers crossed starting Nursing in the Fall. Do you think this is do-able...A/P I AND Micro together?

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I think it is definitely doable. I plan on taking A&P II, micro, and chem in the spring. God help us both!:)

Hahaha..Good luck to you too!! I work full-time also and have a 9 yr u think that changes anything?

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It's still only 2 classes so I think it's still doable.. Your 9 year old will probably be able to help! lol

I don't work, I'm doing school full time, and I have two, ages 5 & 6!

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Absolutely! I took AP1 and AP2 at the same time, and it was doable- I got an A in both classes. I took Micro with my first semester of nursing, and it was a PITA but totally doable. I have two small kids and I work too! You can do it!

You guys totally up'd my confidence..I was nervous. My manager at work took them seperately yrs ago and was scarying the crap out of me! I think I can do it..Im a hard worker. And yes my daughter would LOVE to help me!! Thanks!!!

You can do it!! I took A&P I & II and Micro all at the same time. I don't have any children, and I wasn't working at the time. There was still PLENTY of free time. With good planning and organization, you can do it all. Utilize all of your resources whenever you can. I was a huge fan of using the CDs that came with the book and took full advantage of any free lab time to study and get ahead.

Stay positive and good luck!!!

Yep! It can be done. I am taking both right now along with human growth and development. They are both reading/studying intensive...but the hard work will pay off in the end.

It's do-able! It took A&P II, Zoology, and Organic Chem in the same semester, with Calculus!!! It takes some good time management, but you can do it!

Ok, not be be a downer.......but.....

My college has Anatomy and Physio instead of AP I/II. I took Micro and Physio together and so did three other students last semester. We all passed Physio with 'A's, two of us passed Micro with 'A's.....but mine was with an 89.8%. And, I am an A student. I squeaked by.....

Beware, 'A's are so important. Some school only accept students with 4.0s in the sciences.

Depends on where take them maybe and how difficult the school is, almost everyone on here makes it sound like no problem, but it is a load and u will be more than likely hammered with studying..but I know the rush I did the same, best of luck

I hate to be the second downer BUT.... I definitely wouldn't do that at my CC ( have a previous BS) and I know our guidance counselors wouldn't recommend it. Science courses are very tough, and in order to get the A because grades are paramount , that means alot of work in each class.

I appreciate hearing the positive attitudes but I also think people need to be real and practical. I think she should speak with the instructors at her college and ask them THEIR opinion.

Best of luck to you!

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