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  1. DLB_RN

    AACN ECCO 3.0 course

    Lmao... Def not a good idea. This has to be a joke.
  2. DLB_RN

    Commuting from Baltimore?

    I work in dc and live in baltimore. Been making the commute for over 2 years now. I work night and leave out around 530pm...its not terrible. You have good and bad days. Drive takes about 45-60 min. I take 29 instead of 95 or 295.
  3. DLB_RN

    MedStar WHC rotating shifts question

    It varies based on the units. When I was rotating we did 4 weeks days and 2 weeks nights. As long as the shifts are covered...you may have some flexibility. I'm strictly nights now.
  4. DLB_RN

    Type B in a Type A world

    I'm not sure... But isn't the ICU all about attention to details? Sorry that they're giving you a hard time though.
  5. DLB_RN

    Which Specialty for a NEW Nurse?

    Med-Surg will give you a better foundation.
  6. DLB_RN

    Starting BSN Salary

    New grads in DC typically start in the $27-29/hr range. I started at WHC in 2014 and got $28.08/hr. I know it's increased since then.
  7. DLB_RN


    Page Not Found - SkillSTAT
  8. DLB_RN

    Chamberlain college of nursing...arlington campus...

    Hey! I graduated from the Arlington campus in Sept of last year. Prepped for the nclex for about 1 month and passed in Dec '13 on the first try. I applied for a job in Jan '14 and got hired in a 2 week time span. I feel CCN really prepared us...even though we all had admin struggles. I don't regret my decision to go there...even though it was very expensive.
  9. @rn success The math test was super easy. I didn't even study for it. I have my dysthymia test tomorrow...lol
  10. Hi! I got in with the Feb group in Cardio. The interview was pretty straight-forward. I interviewed with HR and then with my specific unit. There were tons of people there interviewing at the same time. I was offered the position on the next day. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  11. DLB_RN

    Washington Hospital Center New Grad February 2014

    I interviewed for the ED on 1/29/14 and didn't get the position. Through some luck, I went back in for a 2nd interview on one of the Cardiac Unit on 2/5/14 and got the job :). I'll be starting with the Feb 24th group.
  12. DLB_RN

    Chamberlain college of nursing...arlington campus...

    I'll be starting at the Arlington location on July 5th as well!
  13. DLB_RN

    Two Sciences in the spring?

    Yep! It can be done. I am taking both right now along with human growth and development. They are both reading/studying intensive...but the hard work will pay off in the end.
  14. DLB_RN

    Help!!!which has a better program bowie or howard???

    I think the program they have for 2nd degree students is accelerated.. So it will be full-time for a little under 2 years. When they get really busy they just let the phone go to voicemail
  15. DLB_RN

    Career Change: Auditor to RN - Education Advice

    I am almost in the same situation as you. I graduated in 2008 and worked as auditor for the last 2 years at a large accounting firm. Within the first few months of working I realized that accounting was not my true passion, but I stuck with it for almost two years. I've always wanted to do nursing and finally decided to go back to school. Today was my last day at work:yeah:...and I start classes for my CNA certification next week. I decided to take the long route and get my BSN. I will be working as a patient care tech while in school as a form of income and to gain experience in the hospital setting. My friends and family have been really supportive of my decision. The hardest part was leaving my current job for the "unknown", but now that I've done it I feel so free. I know it's gonna be a hard journey, but I am ready for the challenge. Good luck to you!
  16. DLB_RN

    Help!!!which has a better program bowie or howard???

    Hi Kirsten, I know several nurses that went to Bowie State and they loved the program. They all got jobs right away and had a good experience. I will be returning to bowie as a 2nd degree student in nursing this Fall!!! Based on the things I heard about Howard and peoples experiences with classes and professors I wouldn't even think about applying there. I couldnt even find info about the program on their website... In all fairness, I have heard that they have been making improvements, but I'm not willing to risk it. Hope that helps!