Two co-workers diagnosed with breast cancer


In the past two weeks, two of our co-workers have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Everybody in our unit is pretty shaken. One of the ladies had a lumpectomy and axillary node dissection this past week. The other lady is going to have a mastectomy this week (she is 42 years old). As you can imagine, everyone is in disbelief. Both of these ladies have worked for our facility for a long time and are well liked. It is hard to know what to say at times like this. Just needed to get this out in the open. :stone Thanks.

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I too had a coworker go last week for a lumpectomy and she's still waiting for the results! I've worked with her for five years and feel her pain...I've been praying for her. It is very difficult to know what to say at times like this. I keep telling her she's in my prayers, but there is really nothing that you can say to make her feel better. It's in God's hands...

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I think your coworkers are lucky to have someone like you who cares about them. It is so sad when something like that happens but I am sure they appreciate the concern.

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Those ladies will be in my prayers. Four times, I've undergone surgery for breast lumps and four times cried tears of relief when the doctors told me they were benign. How very sad, and painful for them to be going through this. Encourage them to become a part of a group of women who also suffer with breast cancer. It's not good that they go through this alone or feeling lonely. American Red Cross (I think) has a women's group of breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors. They will hopefully be able to beat the cancer if it hasn't spread too far. Even then, only God knows how we will leave this earth, and when, so miracles abound and I firmly believe God still heals today. :nurse:


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This is interesting. What unit do they work in? The program offered through The American Cancer Association is called "Reach To Recovery." My mother is a recent recipient of their wonderful services.


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As a survivor (almost 4 years), the best thing you can do for your friends is be there and listen. It's hard with cancer sometimes to recognize that someone is really sick, because a lot of times, at least until they go through chemo or radiation, they don't really "look" sick. Its a scary thing to be told that you have the big "c". But having someone to tell it to makes it a lot easier.

I work in Rome, Ga, at a library. There are about six people here that have had some kind of cancer. After I had been working here only seven months, I was diagnosed. I didn't feel that I could talk to my family, because they were so upset themselves. But, one of my survivor co-workers had had chemo and talked to me about it, and more importantly listened to me when I needed to vent.

Also, if either lady is going for chemo, make sure to remind them that most oncologists have a counselor available for the patient and their families. Its a good place to start.

Please remember these ladies for me, and I will have them in my thoughts.

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I had a lumpectomy, last year on my birthday. The operation happened to be on my birthday because, I was about to go work in a different country.

Lucky it was a fibroadenoma. But but am still little scared. Anyway, I am okay and can go about my life as normal as everyone, which makes me forget that i had an operation before.


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:saint: Breast Cancer tends to run in my family. I have two aunts, a cousin, and a grandmother who have all had it. We were very blessed and it was taken care of before it got to bad. I know how it feels to have someone close to you in a position like that, so I just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you and your loved ones.


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I am VERY sorry to hear this. HOW DIFFICULT for them, their families and your unit. (((hugs))) to you in dealing with this terrible news. I hope they can recover completely and remain strong. They are in my thoughts.


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This is kind of related. At one of the hospitals here in memphis (St. Francis), 12 current\former ED workers have cancer. Come to find out, St. Francis didn't have lead in the walls of Radiology at the time and Radiology was right next to the ER. St. Francis kind of has a bad rap around here. They are also refered to as a nursing home and not a hospital b\c basically that's what it is. The anesthesia dept. has MAJOR troubles too.


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