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I have been sick for the last couple of weeks and I mostly have been laying in bed. Yesterday I finally had enough sense to be able to watch tv, and now I wish I hadn't. I was watching that show with the midwives, can't remember what it was called. Well, I usually like it, all the natural stuff, and most of the births are really great. Both the births that I watched yesterday scared the crap out of me. One was the baby had a dystocia and the mom was fighting the staff tooth and nail, ya know the ones I mean. I hate those births. She wouldn't push and was climbing up the bed and the babys head is hanging out. Had all these staff holding her down and holding legs back. Now, that one I kind of understood. Can't just let the babies head hang out but so long and they were doing all they could to get him out. Still scary and I couldn't believe that the allowed them to show it (liability issues and all).

The next one blew my mind. The woman took forever to get to 10, actually she never did. She had a lip and was pushing and had cervical swelling. The midwife pushed the lip out of the way and let her push. Still wasn't moving the baby, I think he was acynclidic from what they were describing. Pushed forever. They had O2 on her, not monitoring the baby. Well, I think I saw her get out the doppler once. Called some help in and did some extreme fundal pressure. :uhoh3: All of this was at a independent birthing center. All I could imagine was this woman having a uterine rupture and bleeding to death. Baby did seem to be OK.

Did anyone see this and what did you think of it? I just couldn't believe they showed this on TV! If I was a pregnant woman I sure wouldn't go to that place after watching this.


I can't watch them since I saw a lady have a baby in the ocean. It wasn't a nice sandy beach. It was rocks and cliffs. Too much could of happened. Thank God it didn't!!!:nono:

I have been sick for the last couple of weeks and I mostly have been laying in bed.

I've been well for the last couple of weeks....doing the same.

I can't watch them since I saw a lady have a baby in the ocean. It wasn't a nice sandy beach. It was rocks and cliffs. Too much could of happened. Thank God it didn't!!!:nono:

say wa!!!!!!!! A baby in the ocean? Was it on purpose?:smackingf



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You should have watched National Bingo Night on ABC. Don't you get enough of patients at work? My mother was the same way. She didn't get enough blood and gore in ICU where she worked. She was always watching Life and Death in the ER and all the other gory medical programs that followed it.

I know the show you're talking about. That mid wife drives me nuts. I want to slap her and say, "What are you thinking??!" She really has a "holier than thou" attitude.

I too am guilty of watching DHC too much. I like to see what they do at other places. I like Mystery Diagnosis. I was giving myself pats on the back for diagnosing trigeminal neuralgia in a child before the first commercial.:lol2:

I dont have DHC!!! My husband thinks I am crazy b/c I watch things like A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby on TLC. He thinks I should "get enough of that stuff from work." But what can I say. It's different when you can sit back and just watch this stuff happen without being directly involved.

I too saw fundal pressure on A Baby Story and I was practically screaming at the television. I thought for sure she was going to rupture...

how about the one with the CORD PROLAPSE at an attemted homebirth on a VBAC!!!!!!! The midwife let the lady WALK AROUND her house and cry about having to go to the hospital. This part seemed to go on a while. I was thinking, shouldn't someone call 911 and shove their hand up there ??!!??Then she SAT UP in the front seat of the car on the drive to the hospital, as soon as the staff assessed her she was crashed because "the baby had a low heart rate when we got there".

I think I almost had a stroke watching that episode.

I saw that one too! I don't work in L and D (yet!), but when I did my clinical my preceptor told me fundal pressure was a BIG nono now. Is it, or just at that hospital? They were really pushing on that woman in the show! She also couldn't see for awhile after birth because she had ruptured all the vessels in her eyes from pushing so hard for hours. She was crying in the post interview because she couldn't see her baby.

I hate these shows. For their entertainment value they tend to do one or both of two things:

Make birth look like a 30 minute easy-to-do soundbite event


Make it look like a life-or-death dangerous event

Either way, they are bad news in my opinion.

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Is that House of Babies? I've heard of it but never seen it. I think, for the most part, I'd enjoy it more than watching A Baby Story.

Bringing Home Baby is often frustrating to me, especially WRT breastfeeding stuff that comes up.

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