Turned Down and My Position Given to a "Me Speaka No"

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying not to offend those who come to this country to work hard and learn the English language. Please tell me if this is borderline discrimination or something else!

I am a CNA/HHA/Medical Assistant and I attended a job fair 2 weeks ago at a very reputable skilled nursing hospital. I am not being biased but I was the only English speaking person there. There were applicants, internal and external who BROUGHT INTERPRETERS to help fill out the application, and I-9 form, one had her son, who had to be all of 10 years old, interpret during the interview. First of all, how could the internal applicants work there if they told me, when I asked where the elevators were "Me Speaka No English". Second, this company should have seen the red flags if these people had interpreters. HELLO! Are these people going to bring their interpreters on the floor? No way because of HIPAA! Well I got interviewed and they didnt like my gap in employment (I had a medical reasons that are resolved now). I got a rejection letter the other day saying how they are going to look for other qualified candidates. I am a CNA going on 3 years with Alzheimers, LTC, Skilled, Acute care under my belt. Well I am glad I didnt get hired cuz I would have had a hell of time with the language barrier.

Please give me your feedback, I dunno if I should report this to the higher ups of this place.


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Yes you should complain to the higher ups!

Just don't be surprised when they say, "You worka no consistently."

Applescruffette, That was just toooo funny!!! lol

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If you were never hired in the first place then it wasn't YOUR position to be "taken away." You have no idea why they actually didn't hire you.

This makes no sense, in order to be able to work as a nurse in the USA, any immigrant nurse must pass English proficiency in order to get the visa (that is, if the state board doesn't require it first).

I fail to see how an immigrant nurse could possibly be in his/her position if he/she cannot speak English at all.

Unless he or she came from a US territory. Where is the nurse from?

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well i got interviewed and they didnt like my gap in employment (i had a medical reasons that are resolved now). i got a rejection letter the other day saying how they are going to look for other qualified candidates.

so you knew from the interview, employers rep had concerns.

snf's have high rate of employee injury; .when applicant self discloses employment gap due to health problem. red flag goes up --are they truly healed...can person do lifting/manual work required??? 'not cost

effective to hire candidate if they've only stayed less 6 months in several positions and may need to replace within a year increasing turnover costs.

additionally, if applicant appears ill at ease around bilingual applicants and facility has bilingual patients/ staff, another reason not best person for the job.

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