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Hi everybody, I am new to posting here but have always read alot of posts and found them very helpful. I graduated in May 2010 and passed the NCLEX in July. I have a pretty good back ground as an EMT and ER tech and have always dreamed of being an ER nurse. The budget fell out at the hospital where I worked as a tech and they stopped all training programs. So I have applied to every hospital system in a 70 mile radius for any possible open position and nothing, not even a phone call!

So now, I have finally gave up and started applying to anything I can find and today a nursing home called and gave me an interview. So here's the point: I really don't want to work in a nursing home (especially our local ones), I want to at least be in an acute care environment. I feel so guilty because we are so behind on our bills that I have to take whatever I can get or else we are going to starve! But I feel guilty taking a job I just don't even know I can be passionate about. Don't get me wrong I will always provide the best care possible no matter where I am or what I am getting paid (I was a volunteer for years). I had so many issues with the place when family members were there. My husband tells me that he knows if anyone could change them it is me, but I don't know if I even want my name associated with the place!

Just hoping someone could give me some insight on LTC nursing and if I am making the right decision. I can do anything for a little while, I am just really scared that if I stay too long I may never get into a hospital setting.


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At this point in time an LTC job is better than no job.

I can only hope that my local hospitals will start hiring new grad RNs by the time I graduate. But if that's not the case at least I'll still have my LTC job.


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The SAME thing happened to me when I passed the NCLEX in Feb. of 2009. It took three months for me; applying EVERYWHERE in my state, calling recruiters. I had bills to pay, and was getting very bored! I decided that I would apply to one LTC facility that was part of a hospital in my area. I definately had reservations, but what was I supposed to do?

Well, the day after I applied, they called me for an interview, which I had two days later, and they ended up offering me the job as I was driving home from the interview. It definately wasn't my dream job, but I knew it would get my foot in the door and get that 'new grad monkey' off of my back. I told myself that I would stay there for a year, and then try to get another job after that.

I stayed for about 10 months before I began applying to other hospitals and the hospital that the LTC facility was affiliated with. After a few weeks of searching, I did get hired at a hospital and I love it! I felt like a new grad all over again though, because it is a different atmosphere.

LTC will give you the experience that other facilities are looking for, and you will also love your patients that you have. I NEVER thought I would enjoy LTC, especially how much they are bad mouthed. You will be surprised how these particular patients will touch your heart though :) So gain some experience, tough it out; there will be a light at the end of the tunnel!

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The whole jobs situation these days really stinks and I know you are disappointed. If anything, go to work and do your best everyday because at least your bills are getting paid! If this place has such a bad reputation, those poor residents need someone like you there to advocate and care for them!

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If this place has such a bad reputation, those poor residents need someone like you there to advocate and care for them!

Now that's from the heart, that's an image of a Nurse! I myself, am more of a "physiologic maintenance technician", not a Nurse.

But, you've stirred up an old memory of my Nursing Home rotation in school. Someones (everyone's) grandma, a little old lady who briefly came to life with the extra attention, and was happy again for a brief moment.

Bravo April RN.


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Dont feel bad wannabe. This is the world we are living in now, new nurses will have to suffer more before it all comes together now thats all.

I DID score a hospital job but i have to move away from NYC to a town 5 hours away. I wont have any family or friends in ill be living in some tiny town. You need to earn experience somehow and sometimes that means hard choices.

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I don't have any advice for you, but I want to say that I understand how you are feeling. My dream is to become a mother/baby nurse, and at this point I have no idea how I am ever going to get there.

I hope you enjoy your LTC job and learn a lot from it, and I hope you someday find your way to ER or wherever you decide you want to be.

Thank you all for your support! I hope that your dreams come true too! Our local job market for RN's just fell out this year, I was 1 year too late. I am going to pray I get this job and keep on looking while at it. Like you said, at least I can pay my bills, that alone beats sitting home on my rear and broke. This is the first time I have been unemployed since I was in middle school. But I am still proud to be a RN and proud to be the first in the family to have conquered it and I am going to put it to good use somewhere! :nurse:

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It is easier to find another job when you already have a job!!!!!!!!!!!

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Keep looking.. Also, with your experience can you work for EMS while you find a job as an RN?