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  1. diamondmeadows

    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    From this CDC paper: "Human breast milk has been implicated in perinatal transmission of HIV, and HBsAg has been found in the milk of mothers infected with HBV (10,13). However, occupational exposure to human breast milk has not been implicated in the transmission of HIV nor HBV infection to health-care workers. Moreover, the health-care worker will not have the same type of intensive exposure to breast milk as the nursing neonate. Whereas universal precautions do not apply to human breast milk, gloves may be worn by health-care workers in situations where exposures to breast milk might be frequent, for example, in breast milk banking." You might also be interested in this link: What to Do if an Infant or Child Is Mistakenly Fed Another Woman's Expressed Breast Milk. Just for perspective, consider how much more milk a baby is exposed to after being given a full feeding of expressed milk, and the odds of transmission are considered to be barely existent from that exposure. There is no evidence that Hep B or C is transmitted through milk. Moms with Hep B and C are advised to breastfeed their babies if they want (although caution is advised if there is blood involved). Link: Hepatitis B or C Infections: Mothers with Hepatitis B or C infections can breastfeed their infants. If you were to catch anything from this kind of exposure it would be so remarkable that you would probably have case studies published in journals about you.
  2. diamondmeadows

    FNP programs from Brevard County?

    Thanks. I am definitely planning to apply to UCF. Have you heard anything about FAU?
  3. diamondmeadows

    FNP programs from Brevard County?

    Hello! I have recently moved near Melbourne from out of state. I have had a goal of completing an MSN FNP program for a number of years, but it seems like a challenge to find a good program from here. From what I can tell, FAU and UCF (DNP) seem to be the most accessible from this area, but I may be wrong about that with my limited information. Are there any others I am missing? Since I am brand new to this area and haven't started working here at this time, I am hesitant to choose a school that doesn't assist with preceptor placement since I have no contacts. Thank in advance!
  4. diamondmeadows

    New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    I agree with Bobbkat. You must network. Think of anyone you can who might be able to help you, and contact them. If you really can't think of any contact (professor, preceptor, friend, classmate, coworker, church member, etc.) who has an "in" somewhere, then you need to make contacts by volunteering, joining a professional organization, attending conferences, etc. You need someone to be the little bird in the hiring manager's ear saying: "Hire bornthisway!" Other than that critically important step, you need lots of persistence and patience. Don't give up hope. It's frustrating, but you can do it. Eventually, it will happen for you. Really!
  5. diamondmeadows

    Nursing Diagnosis...the sacred cow that needs to go.

    I'm not even going to pretend like I use nursing diagnoses in my practice, because I don't. I haven't even thought about them since school, to be honest. I also definitely think that when you look at the lists in books, they can get into the realm of the stupid sometimes. However, I actually do think they are useful to students (even though I feel like I'm going to be hit by some tomatoes for saying so.) I think they are helpful in teaching the student how to think like a nurse. If your diagnosis is pneumonia, the only way you can really fix that is through medical intervention, and the nurse does the very important job of implementing the medical treatment plan. However, if the problems are stated as impaired gas exchange or ineffective airway clearance or anxiety or whatever, it requires the student to think: What can I do as a nurse to fix this problem? It encourages the student to produce independent nursing actions. The nursing diagnosis states the problem, or the thing that nurse is going to address, rather than just stating the patho. If a patient is diagnosed with stomach cancer, what is actually going on with her? We may know the patho, but what is bothering her exactly? There can be lots of problems, or nursing diagnoses, for something like that, and lots of nursing interventions for those problems. Of course, I think we eventually move beyond the need to express these problems in the form of the nursing diagnosis, and we identify problems without even realizing we are doing it. However, I think the nursing diagnosis gives students a head start on that process.
  6. diamondmeadows

    Okay, who *loves* their job, and why?

    I love my job! I work on a very busy mother/baby unit. I have only been there six months, but even on bad days, I am still so happy to work there. It is very interesting, and I feel like I am constantly learning. I love being a part of such an important time in my patients' lives, and it is very rewarding to me to make such a difference in the lives of mothers and brand new people through the care and education I provide. I am also extremely fortunate to work on a unit with a supportive and positive culture. I know that I can always get help when I really need it, and I always feel comfortable asking questions. Plus, we have fun. My nurse manager and charge nurses are wonderful. I also feel that the hospital I work for is an excellent organization in general. I even work the shift and number of hours that are ideal for me. I am very fortunate.
  7. diamondmeadows

    Interview outfit--is this ok?

    I mean this in the most respectful way possible. :no: and more . On every level. OP, good luck at your interview! It sounds like you're on the right track. I hope you get the job! Please let us know.
  8. diamondmeadows

    Student caught stealing....

    This isn't a matter of people deciding how someone should live and learn. The student broke the law, and the OP has the right to press charges. It's not cruel or unreasonable. It's our justice system. That said, OP, I can understand why you may not want to press charges. You have worked with this student and so I think only you can decide if that's the right thing to do. Mainly, though, I'm just posting to say that this is unbelievable, and I'm very sorry that it happened to you.
  9. diamondmeadows

    "Don't get stuck in LTC"

    I love this! So sweet. This person must have cooked a LOT of Thanksgiving dinners in her day. OP: Good for you! Your patients are fortunate to have a nurse who cares about them and is so passionate about her job.
  10. diamondmeadows

    New grad being laid off :/

    :ancong!: Sounds wonderful! Is it an ER position?
  11. diamondmeadows

    Does Anybody Work at HUNTSVILLE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a new grad from this area. Some of my classmates have been hired there, so it definitely happens. I haven't had any luck. I wish I did work there! It is an excellent hospital.
  12. diamondmeadows

    May grad, still no job, what next?

    Hi everyone, I graduated last May with a BSN and became licensed last June. I found myself unexpectedly (but very happily!) pregnant in September, and I am due in mid-May. I have been actively searching for jobs since before graduation, but I have only had one interview. The interviewer asked me if I am pregnant (illegal, I know), and when I said yes she dismissed me. It's so tough out there for everyone right now. I know that everyone just says to move, but I don't see how that is realistic for me since my husband has an excellent and quite specialized job where we live, and both of our families live here. With the competitive atmosphere, it seems inevitable that I will be passed over because of my pregnancy if I am even able to land any more interviews. When my baby comes in May, that will be a year since graduation, and naturally I will need some time with her before I can start a job. I will be a year-old new grad competing with fresh new grads PLUS the rest of the year-old new grads in my area. To me, that seems like about zero chances of getting a job. My question is, what happens to those of us who end up going for months and months, even over a year, without finding a job? Are our careers doomed forever? I love nursing, and I don't want to give up something that I truly want to do, and have spent so much time and debt working toward. I guess I am looking for honesty, and advice on what I can do to save my career, if anything. Thanks so much for reading this. I know there have probably been a thousand posts like it.
  13. diamondmeadows

    Calhoun vs. UAH

    Hi! I graduated from UAH in May. Unfortunately, I can't really compare it to the program at Calhoun because I didn't go through the program there. :) However, I would guess that both programs are difficult. I think any nursing program probably will be. Still, from what I gathered talking to Calhoun students I bumped into in clinical, there are some differences. I think it just depends on your goals. Since you are planning to go to grad school, I would probably go to UAH, because it seems faster to do that than bridging over. I really loved my time at UAH, and I had an excellent experience in the nursing program. I found the instructors to be very supportive and caring as long as students put forth effort. I was very satisfied with my clinical experiences. I will say that with some instructors you will get more opportunities to perform skills and give meds than with others. My instructors were great about this, and I felt that I was able to do as much as I wanted to do. Before I started nursing classes I read a lot of horror stories here about mean clinical instructors who berate students, try to fail them, generally make their lives miserable, etc. and I was scared! I can definitely say that I never encountered anyone like that at UAH. I thought the classroom and clinical instructors were very encouraging and felt that they wanted us to succeed. I had to make the same decision as you. I started my prereqs at Calhoun and switched to UAH after about two semesters. For me, it was the right decision. I had a blast taking prereqs at UAH. Nursing school was a wonderful experience for me, and my pinning and the day that I found out I had passed NCLEX were some of the best days of my life. Please feel free to PM me if you have questions. Now, if only I could find a job!
  14. diamondmeadows

    100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare

    I just wanted to add that there are more nurse candidates nominated than appear in the post above. I know that C. Fay Raines is a nurse, and a google search revealed that several others on the list are nurses.
  15. diamondmeadows

    Liquids to thin mucus

    Ignatavicius and Workman's Medical-Surgical Nursing (5th ed., 2006) states: "Adequate hydration may help to thin secretions and make them easier to remove" (p. 637). So this seems to back up what the previous poster said about it being related to hydration. With that in mind, I wouldn't think it would matter if the fluids were warm or cool. :)
  16. diamondmeadows

    Having hard time hearing...what stethoscope?

    Hi Sarah, I have found that I can't really use stethoscopes that have hard plastic earpieces. My stethoscope has soft PVC earpieces, and the sounds are very loud and clear, but with hard plastic ones I can barely hear a tiny tap or nothing at all. I only know of one or two other students in my class who have this issue, so I don't know how likely it is that this is your problem, but I wanted to throw it out there just in case. If you are using a steth with hard earpieces, maybe you could try borrowing a steth with soft earpieces to see if it makes a difference. I don't know if it means that there is something wrong with me or what. I use an Adscope 603. It has worked great for me so far and was reasonably priced. Good luck!

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