Travel Companies to Reccomend?

  1. Hello all! I am wondering if anyone has ever worked for Readylink? Also, I looked over past forums, and can't find mention of any names of companies to go with or avoid. Would love if everyone chipped in what good and bad companies they have delt with TY
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  3. by   NurseAmy
    I completely recommend PPR travel. They are a small company, but will do their best to get you where you want to go! Plus housing is great, and checks are correct and on time. Decent benefits, and their director of nursing rocks! They will support you when you are out there on the road. I think they are great, especially for the first time traveler, because they make you feel very well taken care of. is the website.

    Also, Bridge Staffing , HRN, and RN Network all have a good reputation. I would avoid any company that does not give FREE PRIVATE housing and pay major utilities-this includes the huge company Cross Country Travel.

    Best wishes on your travel adventures.
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  4. by   rncopper
    I would recommend RN Network. I have worked with them for over 2 years. My recruiter has been great! Very attentive, knows and respects my needs. I like their pay, housing, benefits, available assignments.

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  5. by   rncopper
    Oh, I forgot! Also check out

    and look in the Travel and Therapist section. GREAT RESOURCE on companies and jobs!

    Good Luck!
  6. by   KR
    Thanks to all for the wonderful information. I was wondering what the phone number for PPR travel is as I cannot get the website, it has been down for a couple days.
  7. by   renerian
    I am hearing great things on Dephi forums about PPR.

  8. by   Tomskatt
    Hmmmmmmmm......anyone have anything to say about TravCorps? Does it matter what part of the country you are looking for usually? TIA!!!!!
  9. by   live4today
    Does anyone have any experience with Nursefinders and/or Maxim?
  10. by   bagladyrn
    Originally posted by Tomskatt
    Hmmmmmmmm......anyone have anything to say about TravCorps? Does it matter what part of the country you are looking for usually? TIA!!!!!
    I've worked for CrossCountry TravCorps (they merged some years ago) for seven years now. They treat me well, have decent benefits, lots of contracts in a lot of locations and have handled any issues that arose for me to my satisfaction. I can't say they are right for everyone, as needs differ, but I have no current plans to look at any other company.
  11. by   AnteyEmm
    I have worked with Nursefinders for my last few travel assignments. They actually gave away a car to a traveler!!! Isigned up for another assignment just to see what they were givng away next!!!! I am in CA now but thinking of traveling to the East Coat on my next assignment. Heard great things happening in Rhode Island. My recruiter was great and helped me to get started. Nursefinders definatly worked for me!!! : )
  12. by   ladytraviler
    I work for The Right Solutions. Give them a call. They have treated me right from the start. Also several travelers at my current station are swithching to them. look for what fits you. and know you are worth it.
  13. by   KatieTraveler
    I have work for Clinical One. I would recommend them highly. They provided me with free apartment plus free utilities. Every place I have stayed has been awesome. I also get free health benefits and a 401K. They also provide you with perfect attendance bonuses. My recruiters name is Amanda. She's not too pushy and is a real good-getter.

    As for Cross Country travel, they are one of the best companies out there. The longer you work for them, the bigger your loyalty bonuses are. You can make a killing in the loyalty bonuses. I know a fellow traveler who has been working with them for 6 years and her bonuses are exceptional. After 1 year, you are provided luxury housing. She was provided with a townhouse and not an apartment.

    Nurses Rx is another great company.

    I wouldn't recommend PPR Travel. I have heard too many bad stories about them.

    I guess it depends on the recruiter. The company is only as good as the recruiter. If you don't have a good fit with one, move on to another. There are many companies out there.
  14. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I am with NovaPro.

    Though they are owned by Cross Country, they work like a smaller agency to find you top dollar and at the same time give you day one insurance, all utilities paid including deluxe private housing with a housewares package so all you need are your clothes.

    My Recruiter has given me excellent service and is a very nice, patient guy. He NEVER rushed you off the phone and will give you the real scoop on things.
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