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What is the highest hourly rate people have seen? Highest I have seen is $44. I am not talking about blended rates and yes I realize there are other components to compensation such as housing,... Read More

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    Quote from MichaelFloridaRN
    One question to add:

    I have thought about traveling for some time. I have spoken to a few of the companies, I have never received a quote above $30 an hour. Wonder what I am doing wrong?
    Don't just THINK about traveling. Do something about it. You can always go back and become a regular staff member if you decide it's not for you. I'm on my first assignment in Amarillo, Texas. My pay is $39 (but that is broken down due to the tax adv plan, so that I'm only taxed on a percentage of this...it's complicated---to me anyway)..........This is probably a 'somewhat' lower amount due to being in this part of Texas. The bigger cities in Texas, I think, pay higher. Keep in mind that whatever your travel 'package' is...this affects your hourly rate...........

    It also depends on the city and state that your traveling in, and the cost of living.

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    Quote from dontknowanewid
    I am really surprised by the low hourly rates. I make 47-57 as an ICU floatpool nurse (night shifts) in the Midwest. I would love to travel for at least one 13 week contract, but don't think I could make what I am making right now. Of course, I do have to pay for my own apartment and utilities, but it doesn't seem that I could make comparable rates. At this point, I dont care where I would even go -- I'd just like a change of scenery.
    What state/city are you in? I think that 47-57 sounds high to me (from what I've heard or seen). I know the hourly rate depends on where you live and your specialty. And of course, being a float nurse, you make more because you don't have any benefits.

    Have you looked into what you would make traveling as an ICU nurse? Not sure if you would make as much. I'm new to traveling, and I'm a med/surg nurse. I am presently getting $39, but this is a comparatively low rate due to being in Amarillo, Texas, as compared to Dallas, or some of the other larger cities. You might make as much as your doing now, but you will get other benefits, such as your housing, etc..

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    Quote from Medic15251
    I would disagree. They are out there. You just have to look around. I am heading to a Midwestern state for $49.50 an hour plus furnished housing and all the other normal benefits. Two words: crisis rates!
    When you mentioned 'crisis rates', are you talking about a strike? If so, have you worked for a hospital involved in a strike, and how do the other nurses feel about this? Just curious.........

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    No. It's not a strike. The facility just has immediate needs and has had trouble filling the travel job. If you are interested, US Nursing staffs strikes.
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    Quote from Medic15251
    No. It's not a strike. The facility just has immediate needs and has had trouble filling the travel job. If you are interested, US Nursing staffs strikes.

    You seem to know a lot about traveling. When you get time please tell me if you think this sounds like a rip off from my a recruiter...

    I am a M/S nurse.....the recruiter offered me a position in AZ with a pay 17.50/hr.....but my housing stipend is very high.

    He said the stipend is tax free, but I found out from this forum that it is BS because I still live with my parent and don't pay them any rent. So at the end of the year it is taxable. My parents told me that if I accept this assignment, I can send them a check every month for "rent" and they will deposit it into a their savings....and report it at the end of the year...

    But someone else on here said that if my parent do that, it won't matter. Because the stipend is suppose to cover my rent, utilities, food, wherver it is that I have traveled to...and that anything extra from my stipend, is taxable. That I will have to keep all my receipts.

    So basically, am I better off asking for a higher rate....and then a lower stipend to cover enough for my assignmet cost-of-living?

    And how much higher of a rate should I look to get?

    I am floored at what people make on here. My first assignmet as a MS nurse, company paid me 30/hr.....and then paid for my apartment while I was there. Is that average? They were wanting to send me to Cali (Kaiser) with that rate as well....

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    First, you should know that I am not a CPA. I would suggest consulting with one familiar with travel nurses. I do think that paying your parents a "reasonable" rent is a great idea to create a permanent tax home. I would also recommend voting in local elections and conducting some type of business with receipts when you are in town. This will further prove your tax home status.

    You should know that this is a very gray area. If it were me I would take some of the tax free per diems, but not where they look outrageously high. Another thing to consider is overtime. If you intend to do much overtime you may not want to take the per diems as your overtime will be based on your taxable rate of pay (17.50 x 1.5 in the example you gave above).

    And how much higher of a rate should I look to get?
    It depends on what area you are going to. Northern CA pays good. Desirable locations like south Florida generally don't pay as well.
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    Have seen many travel nurses get into trouble with the higher tax-free monies that were promised to be tax free and ultimately became not so.

    And as the above poster mentioned, your pay and overtime is based on what you are paid per hour, so you will be working for much less money per hour when you are putting in overtime, and that is not a good thing for you.

    Hate it when I see contracts like this, and remember that if any issues arise with your pay, you are the one that suffers with the additional taxes being owed, not your recruiter or agency.

    Suggest that you contact a tax professional and get their advice on this as we cannot offer this type of resource here.
    (But that pay for AZ is quite low and leaves you open to being audited.)