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kdblueey has 16 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Ortho, Rehab, ACU-Telemetry.

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  1. kdblueey

    pet deposit/traveler

    Good point. I am traveling with my cat, and traveling is new to both of us. When I first got here, I kept smelling this weird smell, something I had never smelled before. It was only when I was in bed. I first thought that my cat had an accident (bm)...
  2. kdblueey

    RE: Having to retake NCLEX as a traveler?

    I am new to traveling, but haven't heard of such a thing. For what I know, you can get a nursing license (first a temporary one, and then you get a permanent one) in a different state, by endorsement. I am currently in Texas, and have just learned of...
  3. kdblueey

    Cincinnati Area Hospitals

    The only hospital that I recently worked at, as a traveler, is Bethesda North Hospital. I really liked the hospital. The hospital has recently gone to computer charting, which I don't think some of the nurses liked, especially if your not computer-sa...
  4. kdblueey

    pet deposit/traveler

    I'm on my first assignment in Amarillo, Texas. Before I got here, I looked on the website for the apartment complex that I would be staying. For regular tenants, they charge $300 for a dog, and $600 for cats. I was astounded. Cats don't make that muc...
  5. kdblueey

    Team Nursing.....anyone

    Thanks for the reply, but I'm only there until March 15. They have a new director who started January 8, so maybe she will make sure that all of the units function the same. I know that another traveler refused to do team nursing on that unit. Guess ...
  6. kdblueey

    Prob. with Chicago Assignments

    I'm from Ohio (around Dayton/Cinncinnati/Columbus) area, but on an assignment in Amarillo, Texas. There are usually jobs in those areas; the winters aren't that bad (depending on where your from); haven't had a really 'bad' winter for quite a while. ...
  7. kdblueey

    Travel with Family and Pets???

    I am a new traveler, but have seen many posts from other travelers. Many nurses trave with their families and pets. You have an advantage having someone to do things with. I agree with the other post, about trying an assignment before you sell your h...
  8. kdblueey

    Compact State

    I am a new traveler on my first assignment in Amarillo, Texas, but I live in Ohio. Does anyone know if Ohio is going to join the Compact State licensing law? Kentucky joined this past October. Thanks
  9. kdblueey

    travel nursing pay

    You should go to the 'travel nurses' forum through allnurses.com. I am a new traveler, so these forums are very helpful. Hope this helps.
  10. kdblueey

    Highest hourly rates seen $$$$$

    :redpinkhe:innerconf When you mentioned 'crisis rates', are you talking about a strike? If so, have you worked for a hospital involved in a strike, and how do the other nurses feel about this? Just curious......... Kathy
  11. kdblueey

    Highest hourly rates seen $$$$$

    What state/city are you in? I think that 47-57 sounds high to me (from what I've heard or seen). I know the hourly rate depends on where you live and your specialty. And of course, being a float nurse, you make more because you don't have any benefit...
  12. kdblueey

    Highest hourly rates seen $$$$$

    Don't just THINK about traveling. Do something about it. You can always go back and become a regular staff member if you decide it's not for you. I'm on my first assignment in Amarillo, Texas. My pay is $39 (but that is broken down due to the tax adv...
  13. kdblueey

    Highest hourly rates seen $$$$$

    what specialty?
  14. kdblueey

    Banking, How often visit home????

    Thanks for the info. I just opened up a savings acct at Amarillo National Bank because I wasn't familiar with some of the other banks, and didn't know about your bank being all over the country. Thanks again Kathy :redpinkhe:innerconf
  15. kdblueey

    Team Nursing.....anyone

    Team nursing has been around for ages. Your assignment is usually more than you have if you did primary care. You usually have a RN, LPN (LVN in some states), and possibly a CNA. I'm not saying that as a traveler, I 'haven't adapted"............I'm ...