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is it a trap!?

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So a couple weeks ago, my class was assigned to do health histories on each other. I allowed a student to do a health history on me and I was honest. Told her I suffered from depression and attempted suicide a year and was in treatment. So a couple days ago I get this email from a woman who I have never met asking if she could talk to me about my health history. First I said yes, but now I am not sure if I want to meet her. Quite frankly, it isn't her business to pry and she isn't even my clinical instructor. Should I keep her at bay and to tell her that it isn't any of her concern? I have had people try to discriminate against me based on my illness and I do not feel like I should have to defend myself against her. For all she knows, I could have made something up.

I would tell her you're under the treatment of a counselor/psychiatrist/psychologist and the incident in question happened more than a year ago...and thank her for her concern but the situation is under control...


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I don't think it's necessarily a trap. I'm assuming the student you did the health history with told someone which is something I'm sort of having issues with. It would be one thing if you currently felt suicidal but as you said, it's in your past so she shouldn't have said anything. As far as the lady that is trying to contact you, maybe the school is just worried another issue might come up and they're just trying to cover themselves. Either way, you shouldn't feel obligated to speak to anyone it's really none of their business unless you're harming yourself or patients.

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I'm wondering if she (the woman) is the clincial instructor of the person who I did the health history with and is the one grading it? I mean, I feel like it is extremely rude to try to confront a stranger about something so personal. Maybe I should have lied and made something up. But the student told me something personal and that made me more comfortable with sharing personal info as well.

I do agree that she is probably trying to cover the university's ass. When I attempted it, they tried to kick me out of dorm room. Never mind there were students do illegal drugs the floor above, but let's go kick the girl who is already down and out, right? :rolleyes:

After I threatened a law suit, they never bothered me again. I'm wondering if I should do that again?

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your whole situation seems sketchy...

your business is your business. Find that girl and ask her who she shared that info with and follow the trail.

Honestly if i were you i would be very upset. I would take it to the dean even and say they violated your Privacy and to kick you out bc u had SI 1 year ago... oh lord.

if they did a psych screen on every college student and asked them if they ever had SI/SA they'd probably have to kick out 85% of the school.

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I would of made mine up. College is no place for people to know such intimate things. People talk and suddenly you are the topic of conversation.

Pneumothorax, BSN, RN

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I would of made mine up. College is no place for people to know such intimate things. People talk and suddenly you are the topic of conversation.

this too. for future reference.

if you have to do a genogram or ecomap....if they cant verify it make it up.

its just a stupid assignment.

My first response to her would have been asking her to clarify who she is and why she is asking about your medical history. And then my second reaction would be to talk to my classmate and ask her who she gave it. There is absolutely no reason they should be concerned since it's in your past and you have not attempted to put patients or anyone else in harms way.

Of course it could be something totally innocent- but even if it is the other persons clinical instructor, I don't think it's appropriate for her to contact you to discuss the matter since 1) you're not her student nor her patient and 2) it's a matter of violating your privacy.

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We did this and I found out some crazy things about a fellow classmate. I never once shared a single drop of that info with anyone. It was not my spot to do so. if she wanted people to know, she would have told them. I'd approach her and ask who she told or heck even the instructor maybe.

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