Took my NCLEX today


I took my NCLEX-RN in WV this morning and the computer shut off at 75 questions. I had about 20ish SATA questions, around 6 med questions, and 1 calculation question. I feel like I failed. I just wanted to cry when I walked out of the testing center. I passed my exit HESI and did well in nursing school, but the NCLEX is so random, that I just don't know how I did. I am just waiting. :confused:

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Congrats!:yeah: But, how the heck did u get ur results so fast?


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CONGRATS!! That was extremely fast I hope I can get my results that quick next month...LOL

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Congrats!!! :D I'm in WV too, by the way. I'm guessing by your username you went to Marshall?

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Congrats to you!!! WOW NOW THOSE ARE QUICK RESULTS!!!!!:yeah:

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Seeing how I am a fellow classmate of yours I must say I am so proud of you. Matthew 6:26 is a dandy scripture in times of need:) Congrats Miss J.:yeah:


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How did you get your results so fast????????? You found out your results the same day???

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