Took NCLEX today 2/16/09 ....265 questions.=(


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Congratulations! I hope I share ur happiness soon! Makes me feel better!


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:crying2::crying2:had mine till #79, and got the last question wrong.. is it true that if you got the last question wrong you failed the exam? cried so hard yesterday and i still feel so bad today.. :sniff::banghead::banghead:


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Just relax and think positive. Goodluck and keep us posted.


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darthgirl : the only thing that we have to do is just wait for the results. i havent received mine yet but dont stress. reading these post and encouraging words from everyone has helped me calm down a lot. im not kidding you. im hopeful but im anxious at the same time to find out my results. ill keep my fingers crossed for both of us. keep us posted!


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I took the test last Thursday and had 265 q's as well. Still waiting for my results but from what Kaplan had told me, the last question matters but I heard from others, it is just a myth. My last question was about a rape patient and the answers were all so similar, and so I guessed. I am pretty nervous as well.


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I wish you good luck also....


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I PASS! my name is on the BRN website! thank you everyone for all ur support. Seriously it saved me from breaking down and crying! Im so happy and now i can celebrate with my family! Thank you everyone! :redbeathe


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Yeppie!!!!!!!!Congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!:D


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Hello Everyone...I just wanted to put a little piece of mind out there to those having to take 265 questions...I had all 265 and I passed!!!! SO...For those of you that have just walked out of the test freaking out, just as I did, take a deep breathe and hang on for the most hectic 48 hours of your life! Don't listen to all the "last question" myths..they are untrue...I can promise you that I got the last question wrong, and I still passed! So...take a deep breathe and stay positive!


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