Took NCLEX today 2/16/09 ....265 questions.=(


Hello Everyone,

Im new to the forum but wanted to see what people had to say about the NCLEX. i took it today n i felt horrible bc i had the full 265 questions. I feel like i fail bc i hear that the chances of passing with 265 are very low. I dont know if anyone has any info that u can give me pls let me know. THis is the first time taking it and im now wondering what are my chances of passing. The only thing i hear is that i might be borderline n that the last question determines whether u pass or not. im sure i answered the last question right but i wonder if it is consider a passing question or not. dont know if anyone has any information pls share them with me. Thank you!


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Wishing you good luck.


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I know a lot of ppl who have passed with all 265 question. Keep your chin up and think positive. I wish you the best and keep us posted.


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Thank u that makes me feel a bit more hopeful! I'll keep everyone posted !


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I also have a frnd who passed, answering all 265 questions,she was crying for 2 days she thought she failed cause she doesn't know most of the questions but after 2 weeks she received a mail saying she passed, dnt loose hope.Just pray and put your trust to the almighty,that's all you can do for now...Good luck to you..


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I including 3 of my classmates took the nclex in the last two weeks. We all went to 265 and we all passed! Have faith and good luck!


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Good for you- you can relax now and I know it's hard to do, but you deserve it after that, and remember to keep us posted- ;)


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Aww dont feel bad. I know some people failed with 75 questions and some passed with 75 questions. Therefore, taking the maximum questions of 265 does not mean you failed. Good luck =)


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Thank you for ur comment! it has helped me relax a bit. I cant wait till i get my results!


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Dont worry, i took 75 questions and came out feeling like i failed. I ended up passing....but i think the majority of people come out feeling badly, no matter how many questions. i only know 2 people who took it with 265 and both of them passed! keep us posted.


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Most test takers would feel the same way but came out passers. It seems like you're on a haze afterwards. Think positive, you've already given it your best and that's the most important.


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I took my NCLEX on Feb 11th (Wed) and answered all 265 questions. I just knew that I had failed. On Fri. 13th, I passed. Received my license in mail Sat 14th. I'm sure you did well. Good luck

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