i took the nclex today.. am i failed?


i took my exam today and the computer shut off at 75.. i have no idea if i pass or not. alots of medical surgical and calculations questions.. anways i answer 75 qestions for 1 hour and 15 minutes.. is it bad that it took me that long for 75 questions? plzzzz response..


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The number of questions doesn't predict whether you passed or failed. The time is not factored into the pass/fail decision.

I moved your post to the NCLEX Discussion Forum. Good luck to you!

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mmmmmmmm............ I think we had 5 hours in which to take our test if needed. I had 85 questions, took me about 1 hour 10 minutes. Some of my friends had over 200 questions and took the whole 5 hours to answer them. So time doesn't really matter, just your knowledge. Good Luck!

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very hard to predict due to nature of exam.

Welcome and good luck

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i will bet you a hundred dollars that you passed!!!

if it shut off @ 75?

either you really suck... or you know what you are doing..

mine shut off @ 75 too!!!


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