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Took NCLEX today... EEK!!!


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Got to 101. Not sure how many SATA/priority, I wasn't keeping track!

Did the pearson vue trick.... got the "good popup" so we shall see what the official results are. At least it helped my sanity!

So anyway, hopefully the PVT comes through in my case.

I'm headed to work tonight, 11p-7a (CNA) and am already frazzled and exhausted! Prayers and good thoughts appreciated. I'm in Virginia, fyi. Any thoughts/word of encouragement?

I used Kaplan, NCLEX Mastery, and some other random books I have from school. (All older)


I take it Monday! Eeek! I did Kaplan in class review and for the past 3 weeks I have been doing 2-3 hours a day of studying. Questions, youtube videos, 35 page study guide, heyrona nclex chart, and some saunders. So nervous. My classmates who have tested so far have all passed with 75 questions. I will have a panic attack if Im the one who gets 265! Good Luck! Good pop up is good news!!

I took mine today as well. It shut off at 75. I am getting the good pop up too. Fingers crossed it is accurate. I cried when leaving the test center. Literally felt like I knew a total of 10 out of the 75 answers. Over half of my test was SATA. This waiting game is terrible!:nailbiting:

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I thought that the "good pop up" PV trick was over at this point.........doesnt everyone get directed to the CC screen?


Specializes in Labor and Delivery, Midwifery. Has 3 years experience.

Yes, you do get directed. But the transaction doesn't go through if you passed supposedly. And it says something like "our records indicate you have taken this test" or something like that....

Don't know.

I HOPE it's accurate. I feel like I didn't know very much either. Agh!!!

Not tons of SATA, but several pharm, med calc, lots of priority and drag and drop. Not sure if those are upper or lower level...

Just to offer up some info that you might find helpful, the PVT really isn't reliable one way or the other anymore. People have been getting charged (or an attempt made if using a bad card) even if they pass. Crapshoot.

The kinds of questions you get would be virtually impossible for anyone to determine if they are higher or lower level questions. Every domain must be tested, which means there are above and below passing level questions for every domain; seeing them doesn't "mean" anything. Other than you are getting through the test, LOL!

These questions can be in any format, including SATA, with no real indication of how difficult they are...if they are difficult but still not passing level, or difficult and just above passing level. Really not something to focus on, although I understand it's hard when all you HAVE at this point is time to second-guess!

Hang in there. Breathe. Pay for QuickResults if your State participates; it will be worth it :)

I PASSED! The freaking relief that I feel right now is unreal.

I PASSED! The freaking relief that I feel right now is unreal.

Congrats! Welcome to the fold :D

Note to self: panic commenced. You received all 265 questions.í ½í¸¡

Pearson vue trick works, you just have to use a valid cc, no more switching the numbers or changing the exp date or it will tell you that its the wrong info