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Took nclex 8/28


I took my test yesterday and had 265 questions. I know the webiste has changed and when I put my credit card information in, I would have to push submit to see if I passed or not and be charged the 200. This is my second time taking it and failed the first time. I am just so worried I will fail again. Does the "new" trick always work by saying you cant register after you push next (after puting cc info in) or do you have to push submit also?

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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No one knows with certainty as it's a trick. One person reported so far being charged and subsequently passing with no refund.


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Save $192 and just pay for quick results in 48 hours, if your state allows it.

There is no "always" when dealing with a new glitch (trick) that is only days old. If it's worth $200 bucks to see if you MIGHT have passed, that's up to you.

I wouldn't trust my money on this plan, though.

Does the license always show up the next day on IBON?

I don't trust paying 200 and don't wanna use my cc as I don't have 200 to spare in checking...I'm freaking out!

Some BONs post next day, some take weeks. I would check a few times a day but don't freak out.

1 - STOP freaking out. It doesn't look good on you ;)

2 - Each State BON determines when it updates; some do it daily, some weekly, some....whenever they feel like it.

The results will be in when they are in, nothing you can do, but if you WANt to feel crazy....carry on :)