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Took NCLEX this morning.


OK, so I took NCLEX-RN this morning. All my indicator tests (ATI, Kaplan) have indicated that I have 99% chance of passing first time.

My test cut off after 75 questions. I thought I would be happy with this thinking that I couldn't possibly be doing so bad that it would cut off at 75. But, I am second-guessing myself so bad. I can think of 4 questions (easy recall-type) that I was unsure of that now I know I got wrong. I got lots of priority, about 10-12 SATA, and one put these steps in order. I only got 2 med calc questions, 1 infection control, and probably 6 meds, most of which I wasn't sure about.

What bothers me is that it seems that I had a lot of questions about the same things. I think I had 4 blood transfusion questions, TONS (it seems like) of psychiatric questions (combative patient, meds), and a quite a few OB questions.

So, what do ya'll think? I'm trying not to drive myself crazy. After all, there is nothing I can do about it now. Just wish I had a better feeling.

RainDreamer, BSN, RN

Specializes in NICU. Has 13 years experience.

I think you should enjoy the fact that it's over, go out, and have some fun!

Good luck to you!

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

relax and wait for the results. Good luck

There's nothing you can do until you get your results, so pat yourself on the back for having the fortitude to even take the test and go have some fun. Plenty of time to rejoice or plan a retake once you have your results. And good luck!!

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