took the nclex january 19


I took the nclex last january 19, i stop at 75 with multiple choice. only 1 sata and 1 calculation. what do you think of that.?..Have we share the same experience?.. do you pass or failed?

At first it was easy but later on its getting harder.. so hard to prioritize..!..

Is Cali BON participate in quick result?. or do i have just to wait for the postmail?.. how many weeks should i get my result?...

long agony,,isn't it huh!..

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Ca does not participate in quick results, if you have a SSN then you will see name on website from 3-10 days and sometimes longer. Do not assume you have failed until you receive the letter. If after 2 weeks you haven't heard or see anything contact the BRN. If no SSN then you will not see name on website and have to wait for letter and depending on where you live can take approx 4 weeks. See this thread

You just can not predict how you did all you can do is wait. Good luck


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Just do the best you can and try to be patient. I know how hard this can be also!! I took my test on January 14th and still have no idea whether I passed or not. My test also stopped at 75 questions! Come to find out I called the BON and my school had not sent my transcripts to them yet! I am hoping to find out next week.

Good luck to you!! Keep us posted.

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Since you are out of the US and suspect that you do not have a SSN#, you are going to be looking at minimum of about a month. CA is not going to issue a license to you without the SSN#, so you are going to need to wait for the letter to arrive. And they do not participate in Quick Results.

Please take the time to do some reading on the International Forum, since CA will destroy your file in three years if you do not give them a SSN# during that time to see what you are going to need to do.

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