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I took The NCLEX test yesterday and got the min 85 questions. I left and called one of my instructors and she assured me I did fine. But as I was thinking about it I started to stress more and more. They didn't ask me one dosaging question which made me think I didn't pass. I had alot of prioratizing questions. I don't know if I should stress or if I should be happy about getting the min. How many people who get the min pass?

I took the NCLEX last Friday, got 85 questions, no math, a ton of prioritizing, 50% SATA and I PASSED!!

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good luck ;)

I have been an LPN for 11 years but when I took mine it shut off at 80 and I had a good feeling I passed.My instructor at the time told me-when it shuts off at a lower number you either got enough percentage right that you passed and did not need to go on or you failed horribly.Most likely you passed!! My best friend took hers 3 times before she finally passed.She got into the almost 200s when she failed.The last time it shut off at 90 and she passed.Best wishes!

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One of my friends did not have any dosage q's and her test stopped at 85. She passed.

I had 2 of them. Test stopped at 85 & I passed too!

Everyone's test is different. Don't stress too much. Try the PVT and see if you get the good pop-up.

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The test stopped at 85? You passed.

go celebrate :yeah:

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Been a LPN for 3 yrs,when I took my boards it shut off at 85...I panic for a couple days until I got my results...and I Passed,I screamed I was so happy!!!

I took my NCLEX November 2011, it shut off at 75... Oh my! There were sleepless nights after that... But fortunately I passed! :) Just keep on praying while waiting for the result! Goodluck!

where can i find a good content review book for nclex? i took the test i stopped at 85 and didnt pass.. so im assuming i did bad and basically didnt answer the "basic questions" right therefore i wasnt able to answer any higher level questions..

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The instructor I had put out his own nclex-lpn book: nclex review made simple---thousand points of light by Paul Addae...he was my review instructor and had 5 of us in class and we all passed the 1st time. He had a total of 100 students but at least 4-5 of us at a time...may help,good book and to the point of what to expect on the boards...

Ok, first everyone taking the NCLEX for the first time has a better chance of passing than not (85% chance of passing I believe the stats are). That being said, having the computer shut off at the minimum amount of questions signifies one of two things, you did so well answering the min amount of questions the computer has no doubt of your ability to practice OR you did so poorly the computer assessed there was no need to continue as you have not met the minimum requirement to practice safely. Let me also add the TYPE of questions you get is NOT an indicator of your passing or failing, one type does not indicate higher leel questions over another, nor is the NUMBER of a certain type of question and indicatior of passing or failing.

Now, if you have an 85% chance of passing..what do you think your outcome is ;)

BTW, I took the NCLEX-PN and got the minimum amount of questions-->I passed. As did the 9 other students I took classes with who got the minumum.

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