Took the NCLEX almost 2 days ago... 75 Questions... and worried!

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hey everyone! so, i took the nclex on tuesday, june 8th at 8am... and i'm a little freaked out. i've been so upset because i believe i failed. i got multiple sata questions, 1 hard med calc question (but i know i got that right because i'm great at math), and just other questions that i thought were tricky. i took the kaplan course and watched all the videos online and did about 900 qbank questions (averaged 58% on those, some higher, some lower), but i'm still so nervous because i'm horrible at sata questions. and, i think i got a few easy ones wrong. also, the exam shut off at 75 questions, which is the main reason why i think i failed, because passing with 75 means you were passing with flying colors, and i highly doubt that is true. i did the pearson vue trick, and i got the "good" pop up, but i still don't know. i will be able to find out at 8am tomorrow, and i have not been in a good mood at all these past 2 days, on top of this, my fiance and i were supposed to close on our house today, and that got postponed, which is stressing me out even more... if anyone has any thoughts, they would be appreciated :redbeathe

Just relax. I know easier said than done. I think you passed though according to the PVT trick;-). Good luck and keep us updated. God bless.

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The PVT trick is supposed to be true, so if that is the case you passed. I also took my exam today and it shut off at 75 questions. My heart sank to my feet and I became tachycardic!!!! I came home tried the trick and got the good pop up. Lets hope we passed!!!!!!

Nothing to worry or be upset about. Relax until you get your official results.

Did you get your results? We both took it at the same tim. Mine arent up yet. I got the "good" pop up but no reluts yet....Going crazy. Let us know how you did.Best of luck!!!!! Crossing my fingers for us all!

I PASSED MY NCLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE PEARSON VUE TRICK DID WORK FOR ME. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM AN RN~~~~~~


I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously thought I had failed when I walked out of there, but I am sooooooo happy right now!!!!

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