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Too young to be a nurse?


I'm 19 years old and I'm halfway through nursing school, by the time I graduate, I'll will be 22 years old and with my BSN. When I've spoken to nurses in the hospital they've always been very encouraging and think that the fact that I am young will actually help me more because I'll have more patience. One of my nursing classmates who is a CNA and somewhere in her 30's I would say flat out told me "this isn't a profession for young people" and "you should do something else and then go for nursing later on" and I know the average age of a nurse is about 30 or 40 but still. I know some people don't realize how hard nursing is but I've studied this program inside out, I've read up on the classes and clinical rotations and the type of things you have to do so I am very serious about it.

Are you doing your pre-reqs now or are you actually in the nursing school? Seems like a long school.

I'm 22 now and I graduate in May, the hospital I work at now is full of young people. Tell her that she is a goofball.

ChristineN, BSN, RN

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I had my nursing lisence (RN) when I was 20 years old, making me the youngest RN in my unit. I don't think age has anything to do with it. Wether or not you are at the right place in your life to be a nurse should be based on maturity and responsibility level, not chronological age.

Are you doing your pre-reqs now or are you actually in the nursing school? Seems like a long school.

I'm 22 now and I graduate in May, the hospital I work at now is full of young people. Tell her that she is a goofball.

I'm in my last year of pre-reqs lol so I'll start the actually nursing classes next year but they consider us pre-professional nursing students.


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Don't listen to them...if it's meant to be it will be. Can't let what other ppl say dictate your choices....good luck!


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i was 21 when i started out..of course you will have some "no it all's" who don't want some young wipper-snapper around. But you know what, who cares! Be proud of what you are about to accomplish.


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Don't listen to her. I'm a 39 yr old student nurse, and in my opinion most of the young girls in my classes will make wonderful nurses as they are caring and compassionate. You keep going and ignore people who try to put you down because of their own insecurities.:yeah:

I completed an LPN program in high school. When we graduated, my classmates and I were 17 and 18 yoa!

I think it is great you have your life together at this age and know what you what to do with it! Nursing school has people of many ages- you are all in the same boat of class assignments and workload. Maybe she is just a bitter person.


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I was an LPN at 22 and an RN at 24. I heard it all the time then. I don't hear it now at 30... I am the same person and same nurse... I don't see why age matters. An inexperienced 20 year old is the same as an inexperienced 50 year old, IMO.

Jules A, MSN

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I'm amazed at you young-ins, I couldn't have done it at your age. Good for you and if you have the maturity and smarts to do it I'd love to have you on my team!

dont let any one deter you from your dream. if you werent old enough the boards wouldnt allow you to take the test and there would be an age requirement to go to school. Personally, there were about 4 people 21 and under in my class and only one 19 year old is left. She is very mature, doesnt like to go out and party and has a good head on her shoulders. Yes i agree most nurses arent the age youll be, but so what. Youve worked hard to get where you are, you put your time in and dedication- nursing school is really alifestyle(i think) and i think if you make it your life style, then you deserve it, no matter what your age. Dont let her talk down to you! stand up for yourself! And maybe she is just saying that because she wishes she had went and it may not be purposely to hurt you maybe she just wasnt ready at your age and thinks that everyone else is the same. Congratulations on findin out what you want to do with the rest of your life at such a young age. I regret not knowing this decision, but also, If i had went any earlier I probably wouldnt have made it through- i just wasnt mature enough- But its great to see someone succeed, especially at such a young age! Any one in this feild should know how hard it is and we need to support one another!:yeah:

jollydogg_RN, ADN, BSN

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In my opinion, she is just bitter because she is probably looking at you, at your age, and your determination at your point in your life, wishing she could have been at the same point when she was that age.

I've been through a lot during nursing school too. But not with age, with my personality. As long as you want it, you will get it done no matter what ANYONE says. You will find ways to get through whatever situation is put in front of you.

There are some things that can't be judged by an exam or by instructor approval. Age is one of them. Just ignore her.


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I will be 21 when I graduate this december and have not encountered opposition related to my age. I have my own worries though that I may not be taken seriously at first, but I know that if I perservere and try my hardest people will get to know me and trust me as I learn to trust myself. Some times I worry that I may not be "all there yet" maturity wise, but I know how to respectfully perform a code and be there for families as well as advocate for my patients, so I'm sure the little stuff will come in later. I do think it would be easier if I was older, because I wouldnt be dealing with such tragedies at a young age. Personally, though, I feel honored to get to witness these life events at my age and I feel so lucky to help people so soon in my life...even if it is hard to do :)

That Guy, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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I'm amazed at you young-ins, I couldn't have done it at your age. Good for you and if you have the maturity and smarts to do it I'd love to have you on my team!

It takes a special kind of crazy to want to do this at a young age but it sure is fun!

Ginger's Mom, MSN, RN

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The only feedback I got as a young RN is that I was too young to be in charge. Ignore what others say, nursing needs all new members regardless of age.

I will graduate with my LPN 4 months after I turn 20. Hoping to have my RN before I am 23. Age is just a number personally it seems like a lot of my classmates my age are more dedicated than the older women in my class. A lot of them are just there for the free tuition or are just tired of being aids.

iluvivt, BSN, RN

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:yeah::yeah:NO NO NO you are not too young.....I had just turned 21 when I graduated from a very intense program and I was 1st in my class. It sounds like you are very mature and have studied hard and are dedicated. Also remember that as a nurse.....learning never stops.....at least if you want to be a great nurse. I dedicated myself to life long learning when I chose this profession and it also helps that I love to learn. So just smile at all those people and keep reaching for the stars!!!!!
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