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SnarfGirl specializes in Home Health, Med/Surg.

I'm a happily married mother of a preschooler with baby number two due in Dec 2009! I'm very passionate about nursing and love everything about it.

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  1. Newbie Needs Help With Milage!

  2. Newbie Needs Help With Milage!

    Yes I am coming to learn the same! I finally found the info on the IRS website. It doesn't look like I need to track my milage at all...It wont do any good anyway
  3. Newbie Needs Help With Milage!

    I am a new Homecare RN, and I do visits daily - and I track my milage by the odometer...however there has been great debate on a few issues. If anyone could shed some light I'd appriciate it. .. 1. If I occasionally use my other vehicle - do I need t...
  4. Student nurse gives out number to patient !

    Most of my home health patients have my number, but usually just for calls regarding our appointment times etc... But that being said I've had them for a while before I give it to them....Never in the begining...learned that lesson once! 3 am calls t...
  5. OR jobs

    Not many hospitals are hiring at all around here.
  6. I passed!!!

    I did not use Kaplan at all. I used Saunders, and just about every NCLEX book I could get my hands on! But honestly the questions in Saunders were nothing like what I got on the NCLEX.... I am sure you'll do fine - lots of my friends have been scorin...
  7. Thank you Berube - I will keep that in mind if I run into that situation again!
  8. I passed!!!

  9. I would not leave the patient with a soiled dressing. I would change it and write a PRN order for sure. I've gone as far as calling the PCP from the home and getting a verbal for stuff like that, and then let them know I'll send it over written - the...
  10. I passed!!!

    I took my NCLEX on Tuesday and it shut off at 75. I thought for sure I'd failed and I didn't deserve to be a nurse based on the questions it asked me! I thought it was truly dificult test, and I felt super frustrated and nervous when I walked out.......
  11. During the NCLEX can you write things down?

    I took it today and used the board, if you think it helps then use it! And they let me ask for another what you have to do!!! Good Luck!
  12. questions about review book VS. test questions

    Saunders has a Comprehensive review book that has outlines and questions. Saunders also has a review book that is questions only. .. I can't remember exactly what it's called. My advice would be to park it at book store and flip through them to find ...
  13. Advice from the new grads...HELP.

    A new grad, is a new grad period. At least that seems to be the case here in Phoenix. BSN or ADN doesn't matter. If you are a new aren't getting a job. Not true in all cases, but it's been tough out there!
  14. Death and Clinicals

    I had a strange clinical day today. I am about to graduate- thank the Lord! Took finals yesterday and passed, then had our last clinical today. I was assigned to the Trauma Room...It was pretty cool cause that is what I like and I have been there bef...
  15. I doubt she is really a nursing student... probably someone in thier pre-reqs or something...I take my patients and nursing school very seriously! I also graduate next month. I would NEVER do anything to put my patients or my license at risk...I thou...