Tomorrow is my day of Combat July 16th= NCLEX-RN

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I want to start by thanking God for giving me this opportunity , this priviledge to finish nursing school and now I have the opportunity to test my knowledge of something that I am so passionate about and love that is nursing. I remember saying when I started nursing school that 2009 was going to be a great year and it has been, no doubt about that. I thank you Lord and my family for all the support. Lord you said that all I have to do is put actions behind my faith and that once I do my part you will help me and I truly believe that. I believe that we are all here for a purpose. A purpose to join the ones who dare to care by becoming registered nurses which is a totally priviledge. I pray for everybody in the next coming days or months the best on the test. The knoweldge we already know it and nclex just want to make sure that while we do what we love we are safe enough. safe is the most important thing ever.

The Lord is bigger than the Nclex and I know that his presence is everything that we need. He is more than enough. His glory and God of FReedom. Thank you Lord. Tomorrow I will do my best to glorify your name LordJesus. I thank God for Its been an amazing ride since 2007 when i started nursing school. It had helped me out and you guys in here are pretty amazing. I will continue to pray for all of us, and just remember that we are winners, we are overcormers, and goodness and mercy are following everywhere that we go!!!..

"Tomorrow taking the nclex I will define myself as a person who beleive in faith before it is conceive. I will prove myself and work towards becoming that Registered Nurse to glorify LordJesus with: PASSION, PERSEVERANCE AND PEOPLE. I will do my part, living a life of rememberance..!!!

I wish the Best to Everybody!!!!!


Thank you Lord that IN management of care, infection control, health promotion and maintenance, basic care and comfort, psychosocial integrity, physiological adaptation, reduction of risk of potential and pharmacological and parenteral therapies you will guide my to pick the safest and most valuable answer.

What a great God we serve.. "Dont give up on your dreams." God will transform your life!~


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Good luck!!


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Good luck!


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Amen. God is the Power. He has the AUTHORITY. I pray for you to pass. I will take mine Monday July 20th at 2 pm, I also pray the God will do the Miracle that He changed water in wine. I will change my fear , low level in Victory and PASS. I have the faith.

good luck!


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