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I start LPN school in Jan 2013. I have attended community college before but didn't finish. Since I took anatomy and medical terminology in college, I'm allowed to skip these classes in the nursing program if I show them my transcript with my passing grades. The thing is, I barely remember a thing from those classes I took. Should I retake the classes to brush up so that it will be easier for me to pass my nurse liscensing exam? But then what if I fail one of those classes that I didn't have to take? Then I would really regret taking them. Is medical term and anatomy questions even on the exam or is it mostly case studies?

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I took it in college too. But I'm going to take it with everyone else. I need a refresher since it was years ago when I took A&P.


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If you are worried you won't remember the material and might fail the class then you should retake these courses. Because that is very useful material in nursing. I personally would retake it because things in nursing school build on one another and if your foundation is weak you can't build on it.

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In my LVN school, you can transfer classes as well. As for me, I received excellent grades and took my science prereqs within the last 3 years or less. I took my non sciences way back in the late 90s, but felt comfortable not retaking them because my foundation was strong. I chose not to retake anything I took before. I should tell you that at my school, you don't save very much money by not taking a few classes. I transferred 3 classes and saved $1000 off of $30,000 tuition.

Some students asked permission and were granted the option to sit in on those classes to refresh their memory.

Some students chose not to transfer in anything even though they could.

In the interest of honesty, I want to say that the depth that we are expected to learn in our LVN school classes is NOT the same level of difficulty we were expected to learn in my community college and state university prereqs. I'm saying that at my nursing school, we don't go as into depth as we did in the community college or at Sac State.

The nursing school prereqs are harder in some respects though, because the classes are accelerated and condensed.


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I am not going to tell you yes and or tell you no, I will tell you that you are going to refer back to A&P throughout the whole program. I took all of my sciences 4 and 5 yrs ago and a lot of things I did remember and some things I forgot and or never really paid any attention to and I must say that from my experience, retaking these classes over at my LPN school really refreshed my memory and I also learned a few new things. We didn't go into dept like I did at community however, I am kind of glad that I've gotten a refresher and good luck, keep us updated on your decision :)


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If you are not at all comfortable with your A&P knowledge, and you can financially afford to retake them, do it. Otherwise, you'll end up having to study A&P on top of your nursing classes, which will just add more work for you.


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I'm currently in LVN school now and A&P is very crucial to make it through the program. You have to really know it especially for pharmacology because they go back to it A LOT!!!


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I would go and sit thru the lectures , if you can prove u already took those classes I don't see why you would have to take the tests/quizzes. A few people in my program already took a&p 1 and 2 and they were allowed to basically come as a review or not come at all, speak to your school and see what they allow andp is very important in nursing it will come back during med surg 1 and 2 which is very difficult