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$642.00 for Titers :/


I searched for any information about titers and found nothing newer than a year ago. I've been lucky enough to receive decent information from everyone here, so I'll try again. Have you had your titers checked? If so, were they covered by your health insurance or did you get a discount through the school somehow? I'm checking the health department next, but I heard from someone who works there that they're expensive too. Everything I'm finding really only pertains to "just get your immunizations again, it'll be cheaper".. but my program makes us responsible for proving immunity, not just the injection.

My health insurance will not cover them if they're coded as related to school, work or travel. Here's to hoping I can ask my PCP to have them checked during my CBC for the physical, and more hope that it will actually be covered. What were your experiences with this?

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I had titers drawn for nursing school. My insurance did cover part of the cost and I think I ended up paying about 30 dollars.

I know you can't do this, but it was so much easier for me to just get the injections again (and cheaper) so I just did that

I hope I end up paying nothing ;-) Although $30 wouldn't be bad.

I needed mine in 09 and my doctor quoted me just shy of $1000. He ran it through my insurance just to check and surprisingly, my insurance paid! I used the money for something else!


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My insurance paid too, though i was mentally preparing to fork over a months rent to pay for it. You could call your PCP and ask what codes they would bill under and call your insurance to confirm. Good luck!

I didn't have insurance when I got mine done. I believe it was still less than $100. They have a Work-Care place that is affiliated with the hospital we do our clinicals at. It is basically just a clinic that does super basic stuff for work, like physicals, drug tests, etc.


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I went to the VA hospital and they did them for free, since they didn't have copies of my medical records from the military. I felt really lucky and tb test was done by my school hospital since I volunteer there.

Lucky enough, when my mom died, I found all my paperwork. Immunization records included! Thank god she kept all that.

We can get them done through our school's health center for free.