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Hello, first post would like to thank this site it really helped me throughout school. I just graduated in August and have been applying for jobs in various hospitals since before graduation. My GPA is ok about a 3.2. I realize I should have teched in school but it was not an option because of minimal funds. I have not even scored an interview or even a phone call. The nurse manager from the ER where I completed my practicum wanted to hire me and gave me all the information and phone numbers I needed but HR denied me for the GN program (still a mystery and gave me no reason). then I tried to contact the nurse manager and she left for vacation and never returned my calls. I am eager to learn and although my dream is the ER I am would be thrilled to work on any floor at any hospital within a two hour commute. I am frustrated and thinking my options are to go back and get my BSN or tech at a hospital and get my foot in the door. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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graduate nurse sorry

I want to know the answer to this as well since graduation isn't that far off for me, either.

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Have you passed your NCLEX yet?

Just so you know in my area "Graduate Nurse" positions are only for people who have not yet passed their NCLEX and basically don't exist anymore. Positions for nurses who have graduated and passed their NCLEX are advertised as "New Grad" positions. I just wanted to clarify, because if you haven't taken your NCLEX yet I would start with that!


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Yep passed NCLEX so New Grad not Graduate Nurse if that helps. Looking more for advice if it would be helpful to get BSN or tech or just keep applying to hospitals.

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It depends on your area - maybe you should target this question to one of the state forums. In NYC where I am hospitals are essentially not hiring new grads unless they have their BSN, but maybe in your area they are.

It does seem a little early to throw in the towel. I know it's frustrating to send off applications with no answers, but you only graduated in August. In this job market it can take longer. A lot of people I graduated with (including me) didn't find a position until 3-6 months after graduation. Hang in there and work any personal connections you have for all they are worth!


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It may be your resume. I have seen many that the Nurse managers just tossed out, for example, the ones that are straight from a word template or too wordy. Polish up that resume is your first step. Then maybe you will get some bites. Remember they want to know what you can do for them. A list of skills is a must on a resume for a new RN.

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I am also a new grad (graduated in May), living in Utah, half way through my BSN at the moment. The market here for nurses and new grads is basically at a stand still. It is nearly impossible to get a job in the hospital. So I did the best thing for me, money and experience wise; I went the the nursing home. I worked there and continued to applied at the hospitals. It took me 6 months and over 60 applications to finally get a job on a med/surg floor (I start next week :D)

My advice is of course don't give up and keep applying, but do something to make you more marketable, i.e. get some experience!! I know nursing homes are not the most desired jobs, but I really did learn a lot. There are also tons of other nursing jobs including clinics, insta-cares, plastic surgeons offices, specialty care facilities, ect. Look around you will find something.

Also keep in mind that even working as a tech doesn't matter anymore. My husband who is also an RN worked as a tech in the ER for 3 years and when he got his RN they didn't have room for him on the schedule and were unable to give him a position, that also happened to three other people who were in my ADN class.

You have to get experience somewhere in the areas that aren't so highly desired before you can even apply for the jobs that everyone wants.

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Agree that working as a tech will not help getting that hospital experience. I was a ED tech for 3 years, did my practicum in the same ED, my hospital deceided that they would not hire new grads into the ED.

Working as a tech may give you a foot in the door at a hospital, but generally you need to be in a position for 6 months before you can apply for a transfer, do you really want to work as a tech for 6 months before you can apply to work as a nurse?

I know when after I graduated I worked as a tech for 9 months, while doing flu shot clinics and home health untill I found a job in a SNF. And working as a tech while I was a nurse killed me, because I wanted to work as a nurse it was frustrating.

Contiue to apply to anything you can, keep applying to hosptial, but if you want to work as a nurse you need to expand your search to LTC/SNF, clinics