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  1. Giving Report...Please help.

    report name age code status allergies history diagonsis doctors on the case neuro -alert & oriented? -peerla? -fevers? -restraints? -sedation? -follows commands cardio -rythym? -heart rate trend -sbp trend -edema -pulses -scds? teds? resp -intu...
  2. Tips on how to get GN position

    It may be your resume. I have seen many that the Nurse managers just tossed out, for example, the ones that are straight from a word template or too wordy. Polish up that resume is your first step. Then maybe you will get some bites. Remember they ...
  3. Mission Trip to Nicaragua

    Instead of "Americans helping Americans" how about "people helping people." If the mentality of "its us versus them" persisits we will all lose. "We are all in this together, and nobody gets out alive"
  4. Mission Trip to Nicaragua

  5. CRNA and Medical Mission Trips

    Recent Grad (less than 1 year), curious if anyone CRNAs have done mission trips. Medical Missions is why I want to become a CRNA. They seem to have alot of autonomy and choices for mission work. Can anyone verify this? Whats been your experience a...
  6. Volunteer missions

    What are the short term trips you are finding. I am having the same problem but opposite. Looking for short term trips.
  7. Precedex

    I am a new nurse. We hang precedex gtts often. Usually not pass 0.7mcg but recently we have had docs write to titrate up to 2 mcg. The manufacturing recommends not doing this. Anyone know the legal side of this? With a docs orders are we covered?
  8. Mission trip wanted/advice

    I have ICU experience only. What work experience do you recommend? Mom/Baby Child Community Health? ER? Knowing monitors and drips is great but not sure how useful it will be out in the field. My goal is to work with International medical corps. ...
  9. starting my own natural birthing center?

    Defiantly do it. I live in a conservative "uptown" area and I know the women of this community are begging for a natural birth center. There is one a town away that is in an old Victorian home with lace curtains. It is homey but feels like stepping ...
  10. New grad icu to home health path

    Hey everyone, I am a new grad as of May 2011 Working through a 6 month internship in ICU My question is this, with low census and being called off I want to get a PRN job at a home health agency, (hopefully after completing 1 year of experience. Ho...