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Hi all!

What is the going rate for the amount of time you are allowed to miss in your classes?

For example: This semester in Pathophysiology/Pharmacology 1 class, if we miss 4 hour of class between exams, we get a zero on the exam for that content area. (There are a total of 4 exams for this class)

I am curious if this is what other schools do as well.

It is ok, I suppose, because I don't want to miss class anyway (yet!) but it does worry me. I have about 1 hour 15 minute commute and 3 kids to worry about (besides myself obviously). Just hoping I don't have any car problems, minimal illnesses (I know there will be some!) and NO major problems. Good luck to us ALL!


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We cannot miss any clinical. If we do miss, for a *really* good reason, we have to make it up by a certain time.

GIT is "mandatory" but so far they haven't punished anyone for not attending.

If you're absent the day of an exam, you have to call before you're scheduled to take it to reschedule to take it in the testing center, and they deduct 10 points from your final grade.


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I think I'm in one of the least prohibitive schools. Our tests (all three this semester) are on computer - we have around 5 days in which to schedule the test, and then if you can't make it they work with you to reschedule within the scheduled time period. No deductions for missing class and really nobody takes advantage of the policy. I guess if you treat a bunch of students like adults, they might actually *gasp* act like adults.


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We can miss any class time we want (and half the class skipped out on the last class of the day Friday). No attendance is taken, and lemme tell ya, those classes where the instructor does nothing but read the powerpoint verbatim while we doodle on our powerpoint printouts are REALLY tempting to skip.

Most of our exams are either online with a 3-7 day window or take-home written. A few are proctored and we are required to be in the computer lab at the school for those.

We are not allowed to miss any clinical time. If it is absolutely unavoidable that we miss, we MUST make it up by the end of the semester or we don't pass. One poor guy from the year ahead of us came to our orientation (accidental dropin)... he was really sick, but he told us that he had no choice... it was the last day to make up lost time and he'd been so sick ever since his missed day he thought he'd getter better soon but just didn't... he came anyway so he wouldn't flunk the course. Ya gotta wonder about the wisdom of the instructors, sending an extremely sick person to clinical, but rules are rules.


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We are not allowed to miss any clinical time. If school is called because of snow, the clincal time is made up on another date. Class attendance is an option but, that being said, missing is NOT a good idea because we usually cover 3-4 chapters per class.


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We can miss Patho anytime we want. She said she doesn't take attendance and said it's our dime. BUT, even though she gives you the notes, you can't understand them unless you're there. My other class can't be missed b/c she throws in-class assignments at you and they can't be made up. There are 10 and they count for a third of your grade. Clinical can be missed for good reason and not have to be made up (but have to write a paper).



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We are allowed to miss 2 clinicals, but we have to make them up. As for lecture, they don't like for us to miss more than 5.


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i don't miss classess or clinical unless it is vital. although i could ask what was covered for lecture, if missed, it doesn't help since most all take notes/information differently, for me. i feel the same about clinical; it is an experience i take very serious to increase my knowledge and a great feeling leaving with a smile when you know you have done your best, no matter the "small" task.

with that said, i believe it is 3 days, however, an excuse is necesssary to take a make up exam and it is not the "original" exam that will be given.

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We are allowed to miss 25 hours of class without any penalty. Anything more than 25 hours, your grade goes down one letter. After that you are allowed to miss an additonal 10 hours, beyond that, your grade drops another letter grade.

If you miss more than 2 days of clinical, you are given a warning. If you miss 3 or more days, it's unlikely you will pass clinicals & therefore will not pass the class.


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Our absence policy changes each semester. It depends on the course hours required within that section. For example, last Fall half the semester was Psych. and the other half was Peds. and we received two separate grades for these classes. We could miss one class of each and one clinical of each. This semester (5th one), we can skip Med. Surg class but we have a Pass/Fail class : Issues, Trends which you must attend to pass. You can miss two in there and pass. The Issues is first and then the Med. Surg. so might as well stay for the med surg lecture since that's the one for the grade. For clinicals we have to make them up this semester---which can be tricky since they are 8 1/2 - 9 hours long.

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