This is sick but I quit without notice need advice.....

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I don't know how long you have worked there, but to me, I would have worked out the notice.

I think you know it was a crummy thing to do a no-show, anxiety or not. Someone else probably had to stay over or a charge nurse/manager was pulled to the floor to cover you. I'd call tomorrow and give final notice and since I wouldn't give you a reference as a manager, you probably shouldn't list the job on your resume. Just my two cents...

Whats done is done. Its not the best way to handle things I'm sure. Just remember that in the future. Is this the only experience you have to put on your resume? Either way, I'd leave it off. It obviously was a bad experience for you for whatever reasons and it might be best if you started with a clean slate.

I'm not sure if I should leave it off or not bc the people I spoke with some said leave it off some said put it on there.....I knew that this would raise hell and hot water, I was never expecting a reference

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You should always call in ahead of time to at least let them know. Just as an etiquette to the other staff.

Whatever else you do, you definitely need to tell them you won't be back. And in the future, you ALWAYS need to let someone know you won't be going to work. You just screwed all of your coworkers by not showing up.

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What you did was unprofessional. It was also very discourteous to your co-workers. The least you could've done was call and let someone know that your weren't coming in. As far as adding the job to your resume goes, you shot yourself in the foot on this one either way you go. Abandoning a job(which is what you did) doesn't help you get favorable references from past employers, if you chose to include the job on your resume. And any experience you have from the job is basically off the table if you leave the job off your resume.

Look why are people so down on this poster for quitting their job? What happened there was it abuse of patients that was witnesses or overall poor nursing care? What??

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Since OP has deleted the first post, will close this thread.

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