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Think back to nursing school...


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Only a year ago for me, so the beginning of this video just cracked me up!!!!!

The beginning of that was funny... it was funny... because it was THE TRUTH!!! lol

diane227, LPN, RN

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I must have missed something in nursing school back in the dark ages because nursing school was just not that hard for me and I am not super smart when it comes to "book learning". I am a hands on learner. I rarely picked up a textbook and never read any required articles (I find I do much more of this now than I ever did in school). We did not have the internet or an Ipod and we had to actually go to the library to look stuff up. What a pain that was. Boards were two days long divided into sections. But I passed on the first pass and that was it. 33 years later, still at it.

kool-aide, RN

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Answer #4: Wash your hands and call the doctor.


vegasmomma, BSN

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The girl who takes a spill at the top of the stairs with 1000's of books is so me right now. Haaha. funny video.

Jenni811, RN

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I graduated last year- so its still fresh in my mind. I found it so accurate and funny. I LOVED the NCLEX question.

"What will the baby be when he grows up?"


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Hey Diane I was right there with you . It only took me 10-12 years to finish, just in time for the 2 days of torture then waiting 2-3 mos. for the results.


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The skills demonstration cracked me up. laughing-smiley-007.gif

:rotfl: I thought the question was the funniest "its gotta be 4 wash your hands and call the DR."