They Call Me The Swamp Nurse

They call me the swamp nurse. I work with male juvenile offenders ages 14-18. In Ochopee Florida where the alligators surround us and the lost swamp boys serve their time. A place that is safe from the hatred of the streets. Big Cypress Wilderness is a place to learn, and repair and make better choices. Choices that will determine the rest of their lives.


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Your story is very inspiring. And your son is right, you may not be saving their lives but changing them for the better. Perhaps, you might even teach them how to live.


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That is awesome. I'm a Christian and I do love the word of God- so hope this doesn'd offend anyone- well you know what I don't care- LOL Jesus talked to theives and beggers people on the streets- he healed the blind -he didn't surround himself with people who were already saved- who were already clean- he reached out and helped the ones who really needed it- and I strive to be that way- and I see that in you as well. You do what not many dare to do- and I commend you on that- I long to help people- the same way you do- and hopefully really touch their lives and be something special to them -the way that you have. You are amazing! Keep on being that "swamp nurse"- i wouldn't want to be anything else if I were you!



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I used to work in a Drug Rehab with teenage girls as a mentor. I feel the same way that you so eloquently described. This is the reason I am going to nursing school.

Changing lives one day at a time. I wonder if maybe the words of advise or counsel I gave those girls will make the impact on them that changes that one thought that sets them on the right path.


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i'm just 19 and on my fourth year of studying Nursing. as graduating students of a catholic school, we had our retreat the other week. We were asked to write our MISSION STATEMENT, something like mission/vison statements of schools. My mission statement was to care for children and the elderly. My other classmates' missions were for the African people, poor people, etc. Although I really feel that the children and the elderly need more help from me as a future nurse, I am still really confused as to continue with the RN career or find another career. I just don't know what I'll be in the future but I love nursing, it's a great job and you get the opportunity to do things for people!

I was greatly inspired by this article. I hope to find my niche someday!


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Swampnurse, you plant seeds, seeds of love and of hope, seeds of forgiveness and acceptance. I am very proud to count you in the numbers of REAL nurses. God bless you. And by the way, your son has great insight. nanacarol


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Nice job Swamp Nurse and nice story of how you help these boys. :)


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When I began reading this I thought it was somewhat akin to poetry or a short story, you have excellent writing skills and you are doing a very important job for tomorrow's adults. Perhaps you should consider writing a book about your trials/tribulations/joys/successes of your job. I would definately read something like that.:yeah:


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Dear Swamp Nurse,

Wow, what a wonderful way to help these kids! I have recently started my MSN. I hold a diploma in professional nursing, a BA in Liberal Studies and a MS in Criminal Justice. I am also a paralegal. I have wanted to do forensic nursing, but there isn't much out there (that I found) and virtually no classes to enroll in. I would love to get a job in corrections. The only thing that seems to be stopping me these days is the fact that I think I have made a pretty big "bang" out of what my family always thought was a "normal nurse"! Oh well, one thing for sure, I will probably be going to school until the day I leave this planet on my end-of-life trip!

I am a widow and find school and nursing to be the ultimate trip for action. My mom - (91 years young) a month ago completed her BA degree! So you see, education is the thing I and my family is into.:yeah:

Write if you can!



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People like you make me want to be a better person. You are truly an angel and I aspire to one day touch lives like you do.

Thank you for writing this, it serves as great inspiration.


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you sure make a corner of the world a better place with what your doing with those kids. I know your family is proud of you and anyone who reads your story will be inspired.

You make me want to kill!

No i'm kidding, you're an amazing person. Those kids really need your help and you give them the care they need.

But what those kids don't realize, they're helping you.

I know how you feel, you are making up for things did wrong in the past, maybe you were a bad person in your past life but now you're a great person and that's just one more star on your way to heaven.


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wow, the boys are so lucky to have you there. You are an amazing person for being able to see past their behavoirs. Becuase of you, these boys know someone cares.