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there is a cheater amoung us !

there is a certain group of students in my class that cheat on a regular basis usually ever exam...should i report it or should i let them dig their own graves what would you do??? ps. other students know about the cheaters also..:eek:


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If I were in your situation I would not turn the students in. Rather, I would inform the teacher that they need to watch the students carefully while they are taking a test. The teacher could wonder around the classroom, space the students out, or give a different test to every other student.

At my school the teachers watch the students take their test and if they see anyone looking at anyone's scantron then the test is taken from them and they fail. I've never seen anyone get caught cheating in nusing school. I'd like to think that everyone is honest and wants to learn this information.


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When I went to nursing school every class got the same exam. The first group that took the exam ran to the second, third and fourth with the questions. The instructors were perfectly well aware that the grades got better as the day progressed. They made a point of telling us they knew. I did not concern myself about it because the instructors already knew. You see, it is impossible to get through nursing school that way. They will eventually crash and burn. How are they going to cheat for the state boards? However, if you are talking about climbing in a window and stealing a copy of test off a desk or something illegal yes I would report that.

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Originally posted by Mithrah

If I were in your situation I would not turn the students in. Rather, I would inform the teacher that they need to watch the students carefully while they are taking a test. The teacher could wonder around the classroom, space the students out, or give a different test to every other student.

This is probably what I would do as well. And if I knew how they were cheating, I would drop a big hint as to how they are cheating so the instructor knows how to catch them.


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There are many who get through nursing school cheating.... not just on test but on papers as well. There were several in our class that had papers from previous classes. They basically just changed the names. I remember one time 4 people in my class turned in the SAME wrong assignmen.... coincidence..... hardly. During the last week we had to present information about out clinical sites. This same group of students plagarized another group's presentation and at the end, "oh, and thanks to such and such a group for providing us with this information" These guys were reported more than once but the instructors chose to look the other way.... and the worst part is 2 of these students got special awards at graduation for leadership and outstanding acheivement....

gives meaning to the saying... Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them.


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We had 2 cheaters in my Chem class. The first test I got mad but didnt say anything. The second test there was three of us who had had it. We were in our thirtys and TICKED that the newby's out of high school could care less about their grade, but we had WORKED hard for ours.

We went to the Prof and told him that he might want to just watch this particular row during the next quiz/exam.

He said what he normally would do is to pass out 2 different quizes/tests that look alike.

BUSTED? I dont know, but I know I would do it again. I dont feel its Fair to me when I study my butt off to have some slacker pull a decent grade when they cheat.


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I feel the way you do rnnurse2b.... When I seen in happened it really just Pist me off. Because I worked hard to study and pass these exam and to see my fellow students Cheating.. It just makes me mad.. Do you think they will cheat on the Boards? or thats impossible? I wouldnt want them to be my nurse or anyone elses:(


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I have seen this over and over again. It's really sad that someone is low enough to try that stunt. I really like the idea of having two different exams that look alike. What a hoot when they get the grades back and they failed because they "cheated"!! The posters are right, they will crash and burn eventually...even if they make it through school, they cannot cheat on the state boards because the computer chooses the questions by the level that the particular person is answering them. Could be interesting. Keep us posted!


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We had this problem in our program with one particular student. They could never 100% prove it and she threatened to sue when confronted. We were all really pissed off about it. We got the last laugh when arnett came in and she was up to about 150 and freaked out and started yelling about it being"unfair" etc.

I can't wait to see her pass her boards (not likely!!!) People who cheat only cheat themselves because you can't cheat on boards.



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In my experience-some may be able to pull through an exam by cheating-but when it comes down to knowing the info. for clinicals, you can't lie your way through it. I am a firm believer in fate-and believe that a cheater always gets caught in the end.

We had one student in particular who would ride through exams and assignments on the hard work of others, but she feel flat on her face in clinicals. Just couldn't remember what she never knew.


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This is just me, but I would send an anonymous, typed note informing the teacher of what is going on. That way it's not on you, you don't look bad, and it's up to the teacher to stop it or look the other way. Then, you know you did all you could.


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My class has the same problem, but it;s just with one particular student...she would get all the test answers from a girl in the class that had taken it before us, and get A's. she would use the other girl's paper after it had been marked, and just change some things around a little. Apparantly she has been doing this since semester 1...we reported her this past semester but nothing at all was done. It makes me really angry to know that everyone else is busting their butts, and she is breezing through like this. All we honest students can sometimes do is take solace in the fact that cheaters will either fail their RN exam, get caught cheating off of someone else's paper, or will eventually lose their licence to practice (at the expense of several endangered patients, of course)....these people have no respect or understanding of ethics....

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