The Time has come


Well all nurses family, the time has come. Tommorrow is the big day. I don't believe in luck just blessings. God is going to bless me in deed. I am happy for this website because people on her are very positive and have faith. I am not going to do it God is. God bless you and keep me in your prayers because prayer works.

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Kemifair, I have a good feeling that you are going pass this time around. I will say a prayer for you. I wish you all the best! Stare that beast in the eye tomorrow and conquer it once and for all!


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You will do good! God bless you.


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I will def. pray for u! Please be sure to keep us posted & remember how the PVT works I've read some ppl check as soon as they leave the testing center I personally waited 3 hours after my test just make sure it says "delivery successful"

Ahh I'm so excited for u just remember u can do all things thru Christ & he & only him can do the impossible

U can do it!!! & I'm proud of u for NOT giving up!!


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pray for you,good luck


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Who got this kemifair. Good luck


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You got this*


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Saying a little prayer for you. Good luck!


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You'll do amazing kemifair. I'll pray for you.


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Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts tonight. I have a feeling you will do great, remember breathe and give it your all. We are all here to support you!


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Good luck.. U can do it..