The struggle is real


I am in my last semester of nursing school and would like to know from all of you new or seasoned students, what did you find the most emotionally and physically stressful?

How did you manage your stress?

What is one thing you wish someone would have told you at the very beginning if school?


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When I was in nursing school, I attempted to manage my stress by exercising and making time for hobbies/things I enjoyed when I could. Ultimately, it was most helpful to manage my study time effectively. I was pretty stressed throughout school and most of the time I just pushed through regardless. The good thing about school is it has an end point. My last 2 semesters were very emotionally and physically trying, but I comforted myself by marking off the weeks until graduation. Seeing the end in sight helped a lot.

I guess I wish someone would have advised me strongly not to compare myself to other students. I also wish I could have better anticipated the reality shock that would hit me when I began working. People told me it would be very difficult my first year of being a nurse and I sincerely believed them and thought I understood what "difficult" really entailed—but I did not. On the other hand, I'm not sure what I would have or could have done with that knowledge when I was a student.


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There was really nothing anyone could have told me about nursing school, I did a lot of research, and I mean a lot, before I went into the medical field. From what school was like to what job prospects are and the different areas I could ultimately work in. BUT no one told me about the cattiness of nursing school. How, in my class at least, everyone is out to get someone, roll their eyes at someone who knows something and contributes to the class, and everyone seems to size up grades, and are easy to relish in a failure. I know about high school kids that do this but adults? Also I have someone in my class who said that a job is guaranteed when we graduate, I don't understand that line of thinking. (and this is NOT a young person)


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I totally agree, where I am from there is a massive shortage. The nurses act like they are irreplaceable because they are so short, but the fact of the matter is in another semester a whole new shipment of new grads is eager to take their job. everyone is replaceable!


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I agree, I found myself being so happy for grades I would get but then others would get better grades and it was hard not size myself up to them. nursing school is hard enough but then to not be satisfied with the work you did because someones was better is so draining, when you cant afford to be drained

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Going from 36-60 hours a week working down to max 36 to fit in my preceptorship.