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I really thought I was doing okay in my A&P 1 class up until this point. My test is this Friday and I, for the most part, am drawing nothing from the content I am reading about. I've been studying for about 2 weeks now and I'm not memorizing anything new. I have all the bones memorized. That's easy enough. All of the processes and fossa of the bones, especially the skull, just aren't coming to me. I can't wrap my mind around differentiating the medial and lateral malleolus. I desperately need an A in my lecture and lab because I've always wanted to be a nurse. Is there any advice you guys can offer? Any feedback would be very beneficial. Thank you!

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Make sure you are sleeping and resting in between your studying. You need this for your brain to process all the info. As far as differentiating between the malleolus what helped me was looking at the bones, feeling the bones and looking at different pictures of them. Does your school have a lab where you can go and look at the bones outside of class? I also sketched drawings.



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I downloaded 3D images of the cranial/facial bones to help me study. I even googled images of skeletons so I can study that way too. This way I am getting different pictures while studying the same bones and not just memorizing one image.

go on quilt they have study material where you can test yourself

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If you're just learning by memorizing you're not going to retain the information. I am successful in my anatomy class so far because my teacher explains location and/or structures of everything by name. Positioning and what the name actually means helps a lot. Where are the malleoli? We are not to that section in my class yet but based off what I just Googled, the lateral malleolus is on the fibula and the medial malleolus is on the tibia. Well, medial is obviously more medial and lateral is more lateral. Malleolus is named for "bony projection with a shape likened to a hammer head." Definitely try to use names to your advantage.



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The way that I remember where the medial and lateral malleolus are is that I always remember Medial, Middle, close to the Mid-line of the body, and of course lateral would be the other side. I have an ipad and I purchased the app called Skeleton System Pro III. This app is very detailed but it helped me out a lot. One more thing, make sure you know how these bones are positioned in the body, know which one is left and which one is right. If you are studying the bones of the hands study it when the hand is pronated and when the hand is supinated. Hope this helps!

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I got nothing. I had THE hardest time studying for that test - I just got my grade today and it was a 75. That's really low for me. Looking a photo taught me nothing, and aside from living in the lab, there wasn't much I could do.



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I had my test on Monday on this chapter and scored 98%. It was tough to memorize all the bones and I was struggling a lot so I watched tones of YouTube videos and also bought me a Halloween Skeleton and it helped a lot in memorizing the locations of the bones, made my studies easy. Check out AnatomyGMC videos on YouTube on the axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton and also videos on Skeletal System. They helped me through this chapter.

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If you could go to the lab with a study partner, that was helpful for me! I also watched loads of Youtube videos (there's a doctor that goes over everything) and I took a bunch of online quizzes of 3D figures! It really is just memorization and being able to visualize it. Good luck!!!



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Medial=middle or midline. Maybe you tube videos? Sometime you just need someone to show you visually.