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Anyone else getting the new pyxis? This one has a fingerprint identification pad. Very high tech stuff! There are some added features, too, such as an online drug guide.

We are supposed to go "live" in July. I have yet to be fingerprinted, though.We already have the new machine on the floor. Anyone else joining in? What do you think? I am wondering how we deal with registry floats/travelers, but I'm sure they have some system worked out. I guess I'll find out at the inservice. ;)

sounds wonderful


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We have one, but I don't think it's that much better than the old one. We were told when we loaded in our fingerprint not to use the index finger because that one is most likely to have cuts on it that might mess up the fingerprint reading. Don't know if this is true or just something the trainer made up.



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We have that pyxis also. It can be a real pain because you can stand at the machine for a while for it to pick up your fingerprint. Actually you will have a numeric code that will back up your fingerprint, and after so many failed attempts, you will switch to this numeric code.

With agency you just log them in as you did before, except they use their fingerprint for access.

As for the online drug guide, other nurses don't take too kindly to someone standing there hoging the pyxis, I use a book instead.

Good Luck

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It's so annoying! I am only a student nurse, but we have had them in our hospital where I work for about a year and a half and the fingerprint pad is v e r y picky. There is a technique to putting your finger on the pad and even then, sometimes it will reject you. We have had difficulties with this contraption.

But it keeps the drugs safe.


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what is wrong with the old pyxis that we have

you put in your long in name/number then your pass word

we have to change our password every month and that gets confusing

I just change it back and forth from the same 2



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oops, above should be 'log' in name not 'long' name as I mistyped

i love our pyxis system. if the finger scanner won't pick up, we just use tape to clean it and try again. works every time.


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We just went live with the Pyxis on June 25. Haven't ran into any major problems yet. We get to use our birdie finger. So sometimes when the MD really gets on my nerves, I just practice with my scanning finger:devil:

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The hospital I am at uses fingerprint ID and it isn't that bad. Sometimes it can get a bit picky and slow but for the most part it is tolerable. As for access to travelers, I am a traveler but only have access on my contracted floor, if I float I am not authorized to use the pyxis. That can be a big headache.

I haven't had any problems with the pyxis. Same here if the fingerprint reader acts up, we just press a piece of tape on the "eye", pull it off, and it is good as new. I also like the drug reference.

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Does anyone have concerns about having their fingerprint on file? I would just as soon keep as much of my personal ID information private as possible, and this certainly qualifies.

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