The dreadful 265------> Passed!!!!!!!!!!

Students NCLEX


i am soooo speechless! i have passed my boards!!!

crystal is a rn!!! yes, i am a rn!

for all those people that get the "265 dreadful questions"----- you can do it! thank you so much for all of your support and prayers! i have done it and i could not have made these long four days without this website. it was truly the hardest thing ever in my whole entire life. all i have ever wanted is for my daughter to be able to say "my mommy is a nurse!!!"

sincerely, crystal, rn

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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hey... everybody heat that????

crystal is an rn !!! yes... you heard correctly... shall i repeat that one more time? ... she's an rn !!! :balloons: :D :balloons:

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooot !!! :melody: :melody:

congratulations, crystal, rn !!! :p good job ! now go celebrate !

One more in that 265 trend! Congratulations!!!


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CONGRATS!!!!!! As another 265er, I hope to join your ranks soon! Never doubt yourself!! You will make a great RN and make your daughter extremely proud.

suzy253, RN

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hey crystal, rn. great job!!! congratulations!!!

z's playa

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right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I'm sooo happy for you Crystal! congratulations!


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I am so happy for you. I hope to be a RN soon. I am a 265er to .


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Great news! Congrats to you!!! :balloons:


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Congrats Crystal!

I know you are sooo excited!

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