The dreaded wait. WWYD?


Hello everyone,

I applied for a position at a major teaching hospital back in August. I never got a call back but my application status changed from "received" to "currently under consideration". After a month past I pretty much let it go after not hearing anything. This past Monday however the unit manager for the position I applied to gave me a call. Oddly enough I received an email generated from the HR office to input references. The email stated that I could do them now or wait until further along in the process. I interviewed with her the next day that Tuesday. The interview went well IMO. She apologized for the delay in reaching out (though she never specified why it took so long). She admitted to being impressed with a lot of my answers. She even stated based off of some of the things I said it was exactly what she was looking for.

She then had me shadow a current staff member on the unit as she went to do another interview. I was with her for 30 mins. Even the shadow experience seemed to go well. Finally I met back with the manager in her office to do a final chat. She stated she had one more interview to do and that she'd then give HR her decision. She said HR would be doing the contacting afterwards. When I got home I immediately started sending links to some references to fill out on my behalf. (Only one has completed the reference so far. The manager requires 5 to be submitted).

Its only been 2 days and I'd like to know in your opinion when (or if) I should reach out if I don't receive the call first. Should I wait a bit longer? HR has it explicitly on their site that they cannot give status updates about applications. It doesn't state however if they give out updates about applicants who actually interviewed. I don't know if they're waiting for references prior to offering. The email for references stated that could come later so I'm confused on this.

any advice or comments are appreciated

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Did you send a thank you after the interview? That would be a good step. Other than that, be patient. If you haven't heard anything in a week (maybe 2) and all of your references are completed, check in with HR.


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Thank you so much for your response. I didn't send a thank you (ugh I feel like a fool for not doing so). I will do as you suggest and wait a week then follow up. It's just so nerve wrecking having to wait lol.

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Everything really looks positive so far. It's anxiety-provoking, but hospitals and "major teaching hospitals" are SLOW moving with a lot of working parts. Wait 7-10 days and then contact the manager "Hi, I just wanted to let you know I'm still very interested in a position on your unit".

Good luck!! Fingers crossed


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Minor update today:

I called HR and explained I wanted to check the status of the position/find out if I was still being considered. I was put through to the recruiter handling this section of the hosptial candidates. She didn't answer so I left her a voicemail. On the voicemail I mentioned I'd like to follow up on the status of my interview from 10/10. Additionally, I asked if all my references were received. She called me back 15 minutes later and told me all of my references were received and that now the only thing she was waiting for was for the managers to give her their decision. She said when she gets that she'd be the one to contact me.

I feel fairly okay with this despite I'm still in limbo until a final decision is made. The ball seems to be back into the unit managers court at this point. Hoping may be to hear something back later this week as I think the next hospital orientation group begins on Monday.


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For anyone who cares just wanted to update and say I got the job!!!!! I start November 20th!!!!


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Congrats! What unit will you be working on?


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Mother Baby :)

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How exciting! Welcome to the OB family, lol. I just started my L&D new grad program last week! I'm still going through general orientation but I have my first L&D ditatic class tomorrow and my first shift on the unit Wednesday í ½í¸¬ Good luck on your journey!


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How exciting! Welcome to the OB family, lol. I just started my L&D new grad program last week! I'm still going through general orientation but I have my first L&D ditatic class tomorrow and my first shift on the unit Wednesday ������ Good luck on your journey!

Thanks so much :) I'm very excited. General orientation for me starts next week. Wishing you luck on your first shift tomorrow! Does your hospital system do color coded scrubs?

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Thank you! My first shift was great! It was a little overwhelming but exciting. There is A LOT to learn, lol.

Yes my hospital does a color coded scrub system. RNs wear a navy blue but everyone in L&D wear the oR scrubs which are light/sky blue. You can come to work in the regular color coded scrubs or your street clothes and then change into the OR scrubs when you get to the unit.