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babeinboots has 5 years experience as a MSN, NP, CNM and specializes in Women’s Health.

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  1. Congratulations! Way to go after what you want! Good luck on your future endeavors.
  2. Skin to skin after delivery

    Everything Klone said except I’ve worked at facilities where the vitals are every 30 minutes after the initial set of vitals that has to be taken within 15 minutes of life.
  3. WGU graduate FNP school

    From the people that I have talked, finding a reputable school that accepts WGU grads is not the major hurdle. During the interview process for my grad program (at a reputable state school that provides clinical placement) I met a nurse who graduate...
  4. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Lol, hilarious. Three cheers for us!!!
  5. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Check your email!!!
  6. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

  7. I’ve been hired for jobs that I found listed on job boards. But with that said, I still applied on company website; i.e. job is advertised on Glassdoor or Indeed but when I click on the apply button/link, it takes me to the application/job listing on...
  8. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    I’m in the 10am group too! That would be great if you can Skype. I get off of work at 8 that morning so I think I’ll have just enough time to stop home to shower and change ? My husband said he’ll pick me up from work and drive me to the interview so...
  9. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Cool! What time is your interview? So far I know of two separate interview groups.
  10. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Did you guys get an interview invite?
  11. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Cool! If I were to ever relocate, Oregon is on my short list of potential states!
  12. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Welcome justinelynn! I was definitely a little bummed that it will be at least another month before decisions will be made but glad that we’re not completely in the dark anymore. Abber, I’m also working the night before the interview but am off the ...
  13. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Check you email! No official interview invite yet but at least we have an update and timeline.
  14. Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Yea, I applied to the Women’s Health Track too. I figure I’ll give them one more day and call if I don’t hear anything tomorrow. Please keep me updated if you hear anything and I’ll let you know if I, or any of my friends who applied, hear back.
  15. C-EFM with no L&D experience

    I would start with the Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced fetal Monitoring courses offered by AWHONN before tackling the EFM certification from NCC. I’m currently studying for the exam myself and hear it’s pretty difficult even with L&D exp...