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babeinboots has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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  1. Congratulations! Way to go after what you want! Good luck on your future endeavors.
  2. babeinboots

    Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Lol, hilarious. Three cheers for us!!!
  3. babeinboots

    Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

    Check your email!!!
  4. babeinboots

    Cal State Fullerton MSN Fall 2019

  5. babeinboots

    Why don't more NPs advocate for better training?

    National University alumni here, thanx for the shout out! But just FYI, National University is not a for-profit school. It is actually the 2nd largest private, not for profit University in Southern California.
  6. babeinboots


    OMG, your facility sounds like a dream! My facility is pretty much what AZBlueBell described. I've even been pulled out of my recovery before because a nurse who was watching my other pt kept having questions. It's definitely not safe and as a result we have a pretty high turnover rate and actually hire 2 new grad groups each year.
  7. babeinboots

    Torn between jobs

    To me it's a no brainer, take the urgent care job! No way in hell I would put up with all the BS of acute care without benefits and competitive pay and still be expected to work full time hours. Congratulations on the job offers and good luck!
  8. babeinboots

    Disclosing work history

    You should disclose it. Odds are it will show up on the background check and then you could be disqualified due to lying on your application. Good luck and congrats on the new job.
  9. babeinboots

    hopeful future nurse, advice needed!

    It depends on how accelerated your program is... My "accelerated" BSN program was 21 months and I was able to work 2-3 12 hour shifts a week just fine. But some accelerated programs are only 12 months long and I imagine it would be very difficult to work during a program that intense. Only you know what you can handle. Some hospitals have CNA type positions available to nursing students after the complete Fundamentals, and usually by that time you've developed a study routine and know what you can handle. Good luck.
  10. babeinboots

    Foley placement

    I don't do foleys on males (I work in L&D) but from what I remember in school, you advance all the way for males because their urethra is so long. As for females, you are suppose to advance another inch or so after seeing urine return. I personally just advance it all the way, inflate the balloon and the '"excess" just slides out anyway. It's an outdated practice to pull or tug on the catheter. The only time I've had a foley I was numb and didn't feel a thing but I have had pts who say it is uncomfortable even when properly placed. But it should not be painful.
  11. babeinboots

    Lost on where to nurse next

    If OP wants to avoid action and save their back, I would not recommend L&D. I think the jobs Been there, done that mentioned are more up OP's alley.
  12. babeinboots

    Can CNAs work one 12h shift a week?

    Yes, apply for a per diem position at the hospitals. I did this during nursing school and was only obligated to one shift a week but could pick up more hours if I wanted to. It worked out perfectly. I could work less and focus on school if it was a difficult class or a big test coming up but still work full time when my school schedule allowed. Like a previous poster mentioned, these positions are often very competitive but you can't be considered if you don't apply. Good luck!
  13. babeinboots

    Think about becoming a RN

    I'm not sure about TN but in CA there are definitely accelerated BSN programs that are 12 months. Like previous poster said, do your research. These programs are usually competitive to get into and super intense. Good luck
  14. babeinboots

    What can certificates/ training can I get now

    PALS isn't usually a requirement for L&D. I recommend ACLS, NRP, BLS, and Introduction to Fetal Heart Monitoring. They also have intermediate and advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring but I would recommend waiting until you actually work in L&D to get those. Good luck
  15. babeinboots

    Job Offer: Kaiser or UCLA???

    Which UCLA facility? RR is a trauma center so the experience you'll get and the things you'll see will be better than Kaiser. I agree with previous posters and try and do both, but my personal opinion, do UCLA full time and per diem at Kaiser.
  16. babeinboots

    Your first nurse educator job?

    I'm my area you can become a clinical instructor for RN programs with just a BSN. I'm in California.