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Who out there is using The College Network modules for testing? Are they helpful?

Most have found the College Network to be very expensive and it's unecessary to use them as you can find the books on ebay. I know that ISU seems to encourage you to go through them. If you do some research you can find their material much cheaper than going through them. Good Luck

Also, if your plans change at some point in the future and you're not able or not wanting to continue with TCN, you will still be obligated to pay for the entire program, as specified in the contract they require you to sign. It's not a "pay as you go" system where you can change your mind, ask them to stop sending the modules, and quit paying.

If you find you want to use TCN study modules, do yourself a favor and buy them used on ebay for $15 to $30 apiece instead of signing a contract for more than $5000.

Elkpark is right. Be very careful signing up for this program as they will hold your feet to the fire and insist on full payment even if you change your mind. I am going to have to file bankruptcy just to erase this debt and my credit will be ruined for a long time because I did not read the fine print. It is not pay as you go as most legit college's are. If you stop using them they will demand that you pay. My opinion is to stay away and if you still decide to use them read EVERY paper the shove in front of you to sign. They will try and rush the signing of these papers and that is how I got into trouble by thinking that I could read them later on and get out of it if I wanted to. They use high pressure salesmen ship like a used car dealer. Any college that wants all money up front and not pay as you use does not have your best in mind.


It was not the college that demanded the money upfront, it was the publishing company. If you decide that Excelsior College is not for you, you can drop the program, and will incur no further fees, just like with any other college. However, if you have signed a contract with The College Network, you will fulfill the terms of the contract, whether or not you finish the Excelsior College program, or they will sue you.

I just completed the MSN program through College Network in August. Using their modules allowed me to get through my classes quicker, and at less expense. They were also very helpful and supportive along the way. I would definitely go through them again.

I am presently using the college network materials for the Excelsior Nursing Program and have had considerable success with testing based on these modules. I have taken seven exams. Results: five "A"'s and two "B"s. My GPA is 3.8. I would highly recommend them. . . Good Luck to you if you decide on using these materials.

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I am currently using TCN. I have passed all 4 tests that I have taken. I feel they condense the material into 1 module instead of using several books. Also, easier to pack wherever you go.

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Just my 2 cents: I spend around $6500 to get my ASN trough Excelsior (total, including airplane tickets and a hotel for CPNE). There is NO WAY I would pay someone $5000 on top of that for books or study materials. Studygroup101 had all study modules for $55 or something like that. You can buy books from or Amazon used, one edition down for a fraction of a cost. Even if you going to use TCN modules, buy them on e-bay, do not sign the contract with them. Waste of money.

Agree happy. I bought a few used TCN study guides off ebay for what I state, $15 to $30, and wasn't even satisfied with what I got for that price. I can't imagine getting taken for a $5000 + contract.

Specializes in med/surg, telemetery, gerentology.

I bought a cd from Studygroup101 for HDLS1. The notes are not up-to-date. They are based on the NC series not the Health Difference series. For example: LS1 is about cardio, resp, and cancer. The notes have reproductive health in them. All in all the cds are still usable. To each their own opinion!!!!!!!!!!!

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